Loyola University Maryland

Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

Guidelines for Community Partner Relationships

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Over the years, the Center for Community Service and Justice has developed relationships with approximately 60 agencies in the Baltimore area. Our guiding principles state that as an office dedicated to promoting service for the betterment of our local, national, and international communities we:

  • Work with community partners who promote the dignity of each person and protect and preserve natural resources
  • Respect the integrity and wisdom of local communities and their abilities of to develop solutions that address their needs
  • Seek input and guidance from our community partners as we strive to support their efforts
  • Engage in work that builds upon the respective resources of Loyola and our community partners.

The Center for Community Service and Justice expects that community agencies will:

  • Serve a population that is marginalized, especially those who are materially poor
  • Be an incorporated organization with clear structure, a board of directors, sources for funding, a professional staff and volunteer insurance
  • Have a program already in place that is run by agency staff
  • Provide staff presence and direct supervision while volunteers are on-site
  • Consider health and safety concerns when setting up volunteer experiences
  • Provide orientation/training of volunteers
  • Provide prompt and thorough communication about agency activities and community needs as well as conveying any concerns about volunteers
  • Seek opportunities to enhance the education of Loyola volunteers about community issues
  • Provide opportunities for work that can be a learning experience for volunteers
  • Clearly define the roles of agency staff, volunteers and Student Coordinators
  • Create a mutually beneficial learning environment
  • Be willing to participate in student-led reflections on various issues relevant to agency’s work
  • Complete end-of-year evaluations

In its relationship with community agencies, the Center for Community Service and Justice will:

  • Respect the work and expertise of agency representatives
  • Provide prompt and thorough communication about Loyola volunteers and the Center for Community Service and Justice activities
  • Instruct volunteers to show up when promised
  • Instruct volunteers to complete assigned tasks
  • Encourage volunteers to be respectful of staff members, clients and community members
  • Instruct volunteers to comply with expectations and confidentiality
  • Instruct volunteers to adhere to agency policies and procedures
  • Provide a contact person from the full-time staff who will be willing to discuss concerns or address problems
  • Serve as an advocate for the agency by publicizing agency fundraising events, open houses, etc.