Loyola University Maryland

Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

CCSJ Mission Statement

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The Center for Community Service and Justice engages students and the broader Loyola community in education through service for a just and equitable world. We are committed to collaboration with community partners and to involvement with people who are marginalized, especially those who are materially poor. Our work is inspired by, and flows from, the Jesuit Catholic educational mission at Loyola that calls for a dynamic integration of academic excellence, social responsibility and faith that serves justice.

Guiding Principles

The Center for Community Service and Justice invites participation and partnership in our mission by people of diverse worldviews, and is guided by the following values and principles.

As an office within the academic division of Loyola University we:

  • Welcome all members of the university community who desire to give, receive and learn through service
  • Value and promote education with diverse populations through service, service-learning and immersion programs
  • Develop and coordinate programs that encourage personal involvement and interaction with those who suffer from injustice
  • Invite our community partners to be co-educators
  • Ensure that all service experiences include preparation, reflection and evaluation
  • Foster an atmosphere of open discourse and careful, respectful listening where freedom of thought and expression are valued and protected
  • Encourage critical thinking about social, economic and political structures locally, nationally and internationally
  • Promote ethical behavior in service and related research

As an office dedicated to promoting service for the betterment of our local, national and international communities we:

  • Work with community partners who promote the dignity of each person and protect and preserve natural resources
  • Respect the integrity and wisdom of local communities and their abilities of to develop solutions that address their needs
  • Seek input and guidance from our community partners as we strive to support their efforts
  • Engage in work that builds upon the respective resources of Loyola and our community partners.

As an office grounded in and inspired by Loyola’s Catholic, Jesuit and Mercy traditions and ideals we:

  • Explore connections among service, faith and spirituality
  • Provide opportunities for spiritual development through service
  • Cultivate a collaborative work environment that encourages development of the person in mind, body and spirit
  • Extend care to, and seek solidarity with, persons who are marginalized, especially those who are materially poor
  • Foster awareness and understanding of structural injustices that lead to action for social change
  • Encourage life-long habits of service that make use of individual gifts and talents