Loyola University Maryland

Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

Student Orientation to Service (S.O.S.)

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Student Orientation to Service is a program designed to give first year students the opportunity to participate in a three-day community service experience. S.O.S. includes direct service with people who are materially poor and/or experiencing homelessness; discussions exploring the impact of poverty on individuals and society; and reflection. This program takes place during the three days before fall orientation. S.O.S. connects incoming students with community service in an urban setting.

In addition, the program provides an opportunity for a group of students to increase their understanding of the situations faced by individuals who suffer from material poverty and/or homelessness, and exposes incoming students to some of the urban service programs supported by the Center for Community Service and Justice.

For more information, contact CCSJ at 410-617-2380.