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Benefits of Post-Graduate Service

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Student Loans Deferment

You can do post-college service even if you have student loans to pay back. Be sure to ask programs about deferment possibilities.

AmeriCorps Education Award

You may apply for the AmeriCorps education award through many programs. This $4,725 grant can be applied to past school loans or future education. Please visit the AmeriCorps website to learn more.

Health Insurance

Most programs provide some form of health insurance.

Financial Accommodations

Many programs may also provide transportation (to and from, and while there, etc.), living expenses, stipends, retreats and travel opportunities.

Professional Development

You can do almost any kind of work you choose. You can gain work experience for your future desired career  or you can try out a new area with no prior experience necessary. Either way, you will be adding to your resume and building the foundation for your future work. Visit the Enerigize Inc. website to learn about using volunteer experience to build your resume.

Personal Development

This service experience, which may include community living, faith practices and advocacy work, offers you the opportunity to further explore your goals, identity and life direction.

Exploring the United States

With volunteer programs in all 50 states, you have the chance to explore a new place. If you choose to stay in that area after your service commitment, you will have already established a community of support and friends.

Living Abroad

With programs in over 100 countries, you may choose to live abroad for a year or more.