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CCSJ can help you arrange transportation to and from your service site. Loyola has a Motor Pool of vehicles for students to travel to their community service sites.

If you would like to reserve vehicle(s) and you have been authorized and have requested vehicles before, please submit an online vehicle request form. Otherwise, please read carefully the instructions below before proceeding with the request.

To Become Authorized to Drive a Loyola Vehicle

To use Loyola vehicles, you must become an authorized driver. If you have more than 3 points on your driver’s license or outstanding tickets, you may not be approved. Here are the steps to get authorized, please read each step carefully, especially step 3:

  1. Complete the Defensive Driving Test (DDT), available on Inside Loyola’s Team Site by selecting “Other” and then “Driver Clearance.” The test must be completed successfully for you to become authorized.
  2. You will receive an email of your DDT results with a certificate attached. Please save the certificate file. You will be required to attach it to your Driver Authorization Information Sheet (ADIS) below.
  3. Complete the ADIS form by selecting “ADIS Form” located on the left side of the Driver Clearance Site under “Lists.” Please notice that in the “Supervisor” column of the form, your answer depends on whether you are doing service or service-learning.  For service, enter “cmaniyatt.”  For service-learning, please enter "kefigielmiller."  
  4. Please remember to attach your Defensive Driving Certificate by selecting “Attach File” at the top of the page and clicking “Save” when the form is completed.
  5. You will not receive any confirmation email or notification that you are authorized; YOU WILL ONLY BE CONTACTED IF YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED. If you have not been contacted within 10 days of submitting the ADIS online, you may begin reserving vehicles.
  6. Once you are authorized (on the 10th day after submitting ADIS), you are required to come to CCSJ office to collect your “Motor Pool Emergency Contact” card. You are required to carry the card with you whenever driving a Loyola vehicle. The Motor Pool front desk staff may randomly ask you to show it before picking up a vehicle

To Reserve a Car or Minivan

Only after you have completed all of the above steps will you be allowed to submit a request to reserve a vehicle.

You must request a vehicle at least 10 days prior to the date in which you hope to use the vehicle.

  • If you submit the request less than 10 days in advance, we cannot guarantee that a vehicle will be available. Especially, for van(s), less than 7 days reservation will not be approved.
  • If you know that you are going to the same place at the same time every week for the whole semester, you may want to request the vehicle by providing all the dates except the holiday's dates.
  • If your request has been approved, you will receive a confirmation notice forwarded from ccsjsa@loyola.edu. If you have not heard anything 48 hours before your event, please call ext. 2380 to check on the status of your request.

Request a Vehicle >> 

To Pick Up Your Vehicle

  • Most of the time the vehicle can be picked up at Motor Pool Parking lot, located on 5104 York Road. Shuttle bus is available to the York Road parking lot. Occasionally, especially when the office is closed, the vechicle may need to be picked up at the Campus Police base, located on the Butler Parking Lot, the first building on the right. You need your ID to swipe in the office building. Please PAY ATTENTION to the pick up loaction specified in the confirmation email.
  • You must have a printed copy of your confirmation e-mail with you when you pick up your vehicle. Without the printed email, you will not be able to obtain the vehicle. Digital copy of the confirmation on the SmartPhone, BlackBerry or iPhone is not acceptable.
  • You should arrive at least 10 minutes early to Motor Pool (or wherever they have indicated you should pick up the vehicle on your confirmation form). If you will be late in picking up the vehicle, please call Motor Pool in advance (ext. 1151).
  • If you are half an hour late of more to pick up your vehicle, Motor Pool may reassign it to another party.
  • If you have any difficulty getting the vehicle assigned to you, feel free to call CCSJ (ext. 2380) from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


If you have to cancel a vehicle reservation, please fill out our online cancellation form. The cancellation need to be done at least 3 business days in advance (exclude Saturday, Sunday and days the university is closed).

Please keep this in mind: CCSJ will be charged a fine for vehicles that are not picked up.

Traffic Violation and Accident

  • Tickets—You will be responsible for tickets incurred due to any infractions (speeding, parking or otherwise) while driving a Loyola University vehicle. The ticket payment will be your responsibility and not Loyola’s.
  • Any damage, large or small, must be reported upon return.