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Check out the results for the 2012 Good Stuff Campaign! (PDF)

Wondering what you're going to do with all the stuff you have accumulated this year? Worried about the stress of moving out after exams or on graduation day? The Good Stuff Campaign -- Loyola's annual move-out recycling program -- can help you! By donating your good stuff as you move out, you will be able to:

  • lighten your load,
  • move out of your residence hall more easily,
  • make a significant contribution with little effort,
  • give a gift that will keep on giving,
  • help the environment,
  • live out the Jesuit educational mission of Loyola.

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What is the Good Stuff Campaign?

The Good Stuff Campaign provides students with an opportunity to live out Loyola’s mission by donating their clothing, dishes, small appliances, and unopened food to local agencies. The people who are served by these agencies can benefit tremendously from your generosity! The program is particularly helpful to graduating seniors as they move out of the residence halls immediately after Commencement. The program promotes the values of sustainability, simplicity, and community engagement. Drop off sites for all students are located around campus during Exam Week and Senior Week and vans and trucks are available near dumpsters on graduation day. Volunteers are needed during Exam Week, Senior Week and on Graduation Day to collect, sort and deliver items. See below for more information about how to volunteer! Learn more about the impact of move-out programs on the Educational Resources page or view photos from previous campaigns. The campaign is coordinated by CCSJ and co-sponsored by the offices of Student Life, Sustainability, Environmental Services, and Public Safety.

Where and when can I drop off donations?

There will be Good Stuff donation drop-off stations in every residence hall beginning April 30. There will be signs posted with the locations. Please do NOT leave items inside your room or in the hallways or stairwells.

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Donations collected at collection stations: April 30 - May 11
  • Final donation collection: May 17, 2014

Donation Collection Locations (April 30 - May 11):

  • Newman: Upper Primos
  • Campion: Meditation Room (Campion 112)
  • Charleston: Seton 12 & 18 (Laundry rooms), Southwell 26 (Laundry room), Lange 40 (Laundry room), Hopkins (3rd floor library)
  • Gardens: A,B,C,D all on the first floor of each building; Avila Commuter Lounge
  • Hillside: Flannery (1st floor lobby), Hammerman/Butler (1st floor study lounges -- not lobbies or hallways)
  • Ahern: Laundry Rooms
  • McAuley: Laundry Room
  • Aquinas: Laundry Room
  • Rahner: Donation boxes will be distributed to each resident on Monday, May 13 and will be collected later that week
  • Hopkins Lounge
  • Aquinas Laundry Room
  • Ahern Laundry Rooms
  • McAuley Laundry Room

Donation Collection Locations (May 12 - 16):

  • Hopkins Court Lounge
  • Aquinas Laundry Room
  • McAuley Laundry Room
  • Ahern Laundry Rooms

Commencement (May 17): Donation trucks will be parked in Seton, McAuley, Ahern, and Rahner to accept donations from all graduating students moving out of the residence halls.

What types of items are collected?

Items that can be donated include:

  • Small working appliances (irons, toasters, microwaves, lamps, TVs, etc.)
  • Household items (clean dishes, glasses, Rubbermaid storage/food containers, Swiffers, mops, blankets, towels, ironing boards, cleaning supplies, etc.)
  • School supplies (pens, pencils, unused notebooks, staplers, etc.)
  • Toiletries (unopened / unused)
  • Clothing (clean, wearable, buttons on, zippers working)
  • Food (unopened non-perishable items – soups, canned vegetables, drink mixes, salad dressings, cereals, etc.)

How much of a time commitment is this?

It shouldn't take much time. Students from other years have said that they just got an extra box or bag and as they were packing their items, and when they found something to donate, they just put it in the designated box or bag.

That's it. It won't add any time to your packing. And it’ll make your move out that much easier and less stressful.

Who will benefit from the donations?

People who are served by the following agencies:

  • St. Ambrose Center
  • Beans & Bread Center
  • Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake
  • National Children's Center
  • Purple Heart
  • CARES Food Pantry and Emergency Assistance Center
  • YANA Place
  • St. Vincent de Paul Society Mobile Clothing Bank
  • Caroline Center
  • Baltimore Free Store
  • Healthcare for the Homeless
  • Lutheran Social Services
  • St. Peter's Adult Learning Center
  • Book Thing of Baltimore
  • Good Shepherd Center
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Station North Thrift Store
  • Micah House
  • People Encouraging People, Inc.
  • Wise Penny Thrift Store (Junior League of Baltimore)
  • And others!

What if I live off campus?

We hope to collect from off-campus residences in the Homeland neighborhood. But, if volunteers do not visit your apartment, please consider bringing your items to one of the drop-off stations. Please be considerate of local neighbors and do not leave donated items outside of your apartment. If you would like to donate but absolutely can’t bring your items to one of the collection stations, please contact the Center for Community Service and Justice (x2380) and we’ll try our best to help you. You may also schedule a donation pick-up through National Children's Center by calling (410)-536-4205. Finally, there are two permanent donation bins on campus in the Gardens and Butler parking lots.

I'm a member of the Loyola community -- can I take donations?

Community partner organizations benefit from most of the donations. When students donate their items, they're told that donations will be given to organizations who serve people with material needs. However, in the interest of recycling as many donations as possible, if members of the Loyola community would like to browse through donations, they are welcome to visit Hopkins Court Lounge from Tuesday, May 14 through Friday, May 17. Donation receipt forms will be available in the lounge so that program coordinators can keep track of all donations being distributed. PLEASE NOTE: Do not remove any items from donation collection stations until Good Stuff Campaign staff members have collected it.

Is the campaign open to the public?

No, the campaign is not open to the public. The university chooses to work through established partner institutions as the most effective way to recycle and reuse the donated items. Only partner organizations and Loyola employees are permitted to take donations. If you would like to explore the possibility of participating in the program as a community partner agency, call at 410-617-2380.

I'm an agency representative; how can I receive donations?

The majority of collected donations are given to local community partner organizations affiliated with Loyola's Center for Community Service and Justice. Because of the increasing number of organizations interested in participating in the program, priority is given to organizations that have an existing relationship with Loyola through CCSJ. If you're interested in participating, complete the agency participation form in early spring.

How can I volunteer?

We need as many volunteers as we can get! Sign up online. If you're a student and interested in serving as a volunteer during Senior Week and on Graduation Day (in exchange for free campus housing and a contract extension), read the volunteer job description and contact the service coordinator (goodstuff@loyola.edu), to arrange a brief interview. The last week in April up until the 18th of May (graduation day) will be busy, but we'll need as many people to help out as possible! We'll need people to help organize, sort, and deliver items for the local agencies to take away. It's a great way to earn service hours, stay on campus during senior week, and contribute not only to the Loyola community but the Baltimore community as well! Thanks for asking!

I'm interested in working as a student employee with the campaign -- how can I apply?

Each year, CCSJ hires 3-5 students to work with the campaign. Necessary qualifications include an interest in sustainability, resourcefulness, strong verbal communication skills, commitment to being part of a team, and flexibility. Download the job description and application (PDF), and express interest by Monday, April 23rd. Interviews will be scheduled and positions will be filled on a rolling basis. Students are also able to sign up as regular volunteers in exchange for free campus housing and a contract extension. Read the volunteer job description and contact Megan Rosenberger or the service coordinator, Megan Ingraham (goodstuff@loyola.edu) to arrange a brief interview.

I have additional questions. How can I contact someone about the Good Stuff Campaign?

For more information, call ext. 2380 or email goodstuff@loyola.edu.