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* Landfills are the largest artificial source of methane in this country.

* According to an article on www.dumpandrun.org, "The average college student produces 640 pounds of solid waste each year, including 500 disposable cups and 320 pounds of paper!" Learn more about Dump and Run and more stats about nationwide and college campus waste!

Campus Stats

  • Yearly, number of students moving out: 214,000!
  • Average cost of “stuff” for a first year dorm = $400

Loyola's Contribution

Good Stuff Campaign is a 3-week program sponsored by the Center for Community Service & justice; supported by Student Life, Campus Services, Facilities, and Student Activities

It started as a "community yard sale" in 2001

Now serves more than 12 different community agencies in the Baltimore area

  • in 2009, $21,000 worth of "stuff" was donated!
  • 800 kids graduated

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