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International Immersion Application

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Please read program details and schedule (PMex or El Salvador) and the criteria listed below carefully before filling out the form.

Criteria for Application

  1. Loyola’s International Immersion Programs, sponsored by CCSJ, encourage applications from motivated sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students, faculty, staff, and administrators who have a sincere desire to fulfill the program's mission statements, are willing to learn very basic Spanish, have a sincere commitment to social justice, and demonstrate maturity, emotional stability and a good sense of humor.
  2. Each team member is asked to leave her/his comfort zones to benefit from the concrete experience of living and working in solidarity with the materially poor of Mexico and El Salvador. These immersions involve new foods, demanding physical labor and a loss of modern comforts to which we have all grown accustomed. Prior to the trip, we focus both on raising funds to bring to the communities we visit, as well as raising our awareness of critical issues of justice and faith through preparation, education and reflection.
  3. Since the experience is enhanced by a strong, collaborative and focused team, members are asked to be able to set aside approximately 10 hours per week in the semester leading up to the immersion, and 3-5 hours per week in the off season, to the team and the project. For more information on time commitments and dates, please review the Project Mexico or Encounter El Salvador schedules. We ask that all applicants consider and commit to this time component, being aware of the many other curricular and extra-curricular demands of Loyola. Every applicant should therefore consider whether s/he can make Project Mexico or Encounter El Salvador a year-long priority and devote the dedication and time needed to meet the programs’ goals.
  4. The team selection process endeavors to find a diverse and dedicated group who can share their varying beliefs and backgrounds to add to the team’s spirit. Team members should be willing to assume leadership roles in facilitating reflections, organizing fundraisers, educating one another and the Loyola community and various other responsibilities. Spanish fluency, international experience and/or extensive service experience are not strict or exclusive requirements for acceptance.
  5. Applicants may choose to apply for one or the other of the two programs, or may choose to be considered for acceptance to either of the programs. You may apply for one program alone, or you may choose to be considered for both programs if you are interested in and open to participating in either program. Note that checking one particular option neither favors nor jeopardizes your application in any way. Please indicate your application status below.
  6. Participants who are accepted for the international immersion programs can not participate in Spring Break Outreach or other immersion programs, such as Jamaica and Rostro De Cristo, in the same year.


If you choose to submit your reference by mail, you may download a copy of the form to give or mail to your reference. Then it is your responsibility to bring the completed form to CCSJ. The application procedure will only be completed when we receive your reference form.

For those who decided to submit the reference request online, you will also receive a confirmation e-mail once the reference form is submitted. If you do not receive it, that may mean either your reference has not received or submitted the form yet, it is your responsibility to contact and remind him/her about the deadline.


If you have any questions, please contact the program coordinator Andrea Goicocheaat ext. 5823.