Loyola University Maryland

Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

S.O.S. Student Reflections

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I feel a lot more comfortable walking into Loyola. I have a better idea of what the school is about. S.O.S. gave me so much insight and knowledge that there is no way I can go back to living and acting the exact same way as before. Service is now a HUGE part of my life.


S.O.S. changed my whole outlook. I grew up in a neighborhood where a lot of people were headed on the wrong path and I wanted to get away from them or disown them because I was upset that they were wasting their lives. I've realized that frustration was only adding to the problem. I have been blessed and the only way to justify my blessings is to give back.

Justin White

It's an eye-opening experience that everyone should have to start off their Loyola experience.

Anne Wessell

The opportunity to start my collegiate learning outside the classroom. I will take these experiences to heart during each step of the next 4 years and further. I thought I was aware of social justice and service already but this week furthered my knowledge incredibly before I even stepped in a classroom.

Christine Schaad

This experience opened my eyes to the lives of people who feel no hope and it showed me the importance of understanding and being compassionate in order to be part of their lives.

Britney Kemmerer

Participating in the SOS program gave me the opportunity to examine the problems facing many citizens of Baltimore, to engage in activities to aid their struggles and to reflect on how I can make changes to help these people.

Nicole Akromas

This is a life-changing experience... It gave me direction on my life and has changed my view on a lot of people—even has changed my possible course of study. It makes me wonder what I could do to help in my own way.

Richard Manon