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Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

UNITE for Staff, Faculty, and Administrators

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UNITE (Urban Needs Introduced Through Experience) is a unique educational opportunity through which a small group of students, staff, faculty and/or administrators, takes a closer look at the issues, concerns and realities of persons who are materially poor and homeless in Baltimore City. A team of experienced and dedicated individuals leads the weekend immersion.

Learn about the program details and schedule.

Faculty, staff and administrators are invited to be participants or may opt for a more hands-on role as a moderator. Moderators are expected to:

  • Meet with student leaders, facilitator and student coordinator to discuss preparation, suggested weekend activities or themes, the schedule for the weekend, reading materials to be included in the folder, etc.
  • Attend the pre-weekend meeting of the entire group
  • Arrive at the Center for Community Service & Justice at 4:00PM on the Friday of the weekend to handle any last-minute logistics and to begin the experience
  • Travel with the group, living with them and participating in activities and discussions
  • Provide guidance to student leaders in facilitating reflections, mediating conflict and assessing group dynamics throughout the service experience
  • Attend the post-weekend Re-UNITE (a group reunion)
  • Provide feedback to the Assistant Director of Poverty Concerns and Faith Connections about the success of the weekend, the performance of student leaders and the appropriateness/success of agencies and activities included in the weekend

If you are interested in being a participant or moderator for a UNITE weekend, please contact CCSJ at 410-617-2380.