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UNITE Quotes

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Have you ever wondered about hunger and homelessness? What is it like to struggle each day to put food on the table? What do you do when someone approaches you on the street to ask you for money?

These questions are very difficult to answer, since many people at Loyola have not experienced poverty first-hand. Consider delving into these issues and stepping out of the Loyola bubble this year by joining us for a UNITE weekend.

UNITE was an amazing experience because it  afforded me the opportunity to view the world from another, startling, perspective. When we look at homelessness or speak about it in a class, we lose the humanity behind it. The weekend I spent . . . helped me to witness Baltimore as a city of individuals, rather than statistics.

Kristin Danilczyk, ‘04

UNITE will not only give you facts and figures on material poverty, it will also help you to connect with the realities faced by many Baltimore residents. Using downtown Loyola as a classroom and home base, you will take an intimate glimpse into a world that is right next door, yet so far away.


  • 1 out of 3 children in Baltimore City lives in poverty
  • The average person who is homeless is 9 years old
  • One third of people who are homeless are high school educated