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UNITE Student Leadership Opportunities

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Student Leaders are essential to the success of the UNITE program. The Student Leaders work closely with the Assistant Director of Poverty Concerns and Faith Connections and the Service Coordinator for UNITE, both of the Center for Community Service & Justice, along with the weekend moderator and the host and partner community-based organizations, to develop and implement a comprehensive and effective immersion program that meets the following goals:

  • To raise participants’ awareness of issues facing persons who are materially poor and/or experiencing homelessness in Baltimore City
  • To provide participants the opportunity to learn about the culture, faith, gifts, and lifestyles of the people they meet
  • To create a comfortable environment in which participants can explore notions of poverty, service and justice
  • To explore opportunities for participants to incorporate the knowledge gained through UNITE into their daily lives at Loyola


The primary responsibilities associated with the Student Leader position are as follows:

  • Meet with moderator, facilitator and service coordinator at least twice before the weekend to discuss goals and roles for the weekend, suggested weekend activities or themes, the schedule for the weekend, reading materials to be included in the folder, etc.
  • Attend the pre-weekend meeting of the entire group
  • Arrive at the Center for Community Service & Justice at 4:00PM on the Friday of the weekend to handle any last-minute logistics and to begin the experience
  • Travel with the group, living with them and guiding the activities and discussions
  • Communicate often with the facilitator and moderator throughout the weekend, keeping abreast of group dynamics and staying on schedule
  • Attend the post-weekend Re-UNITE (a group reunion)
  • Attend at least one follow-up meeting to provide feedback to the Assistant Director of Poverty Concerns and Faith Connections about the success of the weekend, the performance of moderator and fellow leaders and the appropriateness/success of agencies and activities included in the weekend

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For more information, contact:

Maria Desangles
Assistant Director, Poverty Concerns and Faith Connections
Center for Community Service and Justice
Loyola University Maryland
4501 North Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21210
Phone: 410-617-5352
Fax: 410-617-5092