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Project Mexico Reflections

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“If you’re against illegal immigration because it is illegal, then ask yourself why is it illegal.” 

Dimitri Linde, ‘10

You may ask us why we wish to go to Mexico. Why to a country where there is political instability, a 70% unemployment rate and no clean drinking water. I will answer you: we do not go to Mexico in spite of these things; we go to Mexico because of these things.

Pmex '09-'10 Team member

Things I take for granted:

  • Literacy.
  • Public trash collection.
  • Walls that aren't drafty and roofs that don't leak.
  • Freedom of speech.
  • A passport that can get me anywhere.
  • Rain.

What I lack:

  • Unconditional perseverance, love and dignity.

Camille Wathne

I have been asked, many times, my views on “illegal immigration.” On the sixth day in Mexico we visited a migrant house, a casa migrante, where those who planned to cross the border or who had just returned after deportation could stay for up to four nights. I met a man there who intended to attempt to cross the border, through the mountains and the desert, within the next 24 hours. I wished him good luck, buenas suerte. I cannot summarize my views any more succinctly than that: buenas suerte.

Project Mexico Team Member

"There is no such thing as unskilled labor"

Kris Dzenis '12

More concrete. While it’s nice to be able to see the results of our labor, it is manually exhausting. By mid-morning I was looking through the schedule and counting up the number of cement-mix projects we had left: 7. What if I had to do construction all day, every day for minimum wage?

Project Mexico Team Member