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Student Leadership Opportunities

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Student leaders have played a significant role in the success of the program. Their peer leadership enhances the student participant’s experience. It is a demanding and time-consuming position but brings much personal and professional fulfillment.

Leadership training is offered together with the Service Coordinators of the Center for Community Service and Justice. These student leaders work closely with the supervision of the Program Coordinator and the support and help of the moderators. All work to accomplish the goals of the program and live out the Mission Statement.

Project Mexico operates with two student leaders that have participated in the program in a past year. However, in order to make the work of the student leaders more efficient, one assistant student leader is also chosen from the current team. This assistant student leader shadows the two student leaders and participates with the leadership team in order to prepare her/him for their significant role the following year.

The assistant student leader is chosen by the coordinator, in consultation with student leaders and moderators, a few weeks into the fall. During the team selection process, potential leader candidates from the sophomore and junior class applicants who are interviewed for the team are asked if they have an interest in a leadership position. This selection process is done through interviews/conversation, as mebers have just completed a lenghty application for the program.

The student leaders are selected at two times. Assistant student leader, assuming they have done well in the position and are open to continuing, becomes student leaders for the following year. After the trip, a second leader is chose. Applicants are asked to prepare specific questions for the interview that would explore the student’s view of and experience with leadership, and what the student learned through Project Mexico and how that would orient her/his leadership of the program the following year. To encourage diversity and continuity, we try to have student leaders from both the junior and sophomore class.

This year's Project Mexico leaders are excited to answer any of your questions about the program or the student leadership position.  To contact us, please email:

Jennifer Cisternas (jmcisternas@loyola.edu)
and Tori Osborne (vlosborne@loyola.edu)

Time Commitment and Responsibilities

Project Mexico is a very intense student leadership opportunity. The leaders are involved in the following commitments:

  • Participate in leadership training and planning meetings
  • Recruit, interview and select team participants
  • Help facilitate all team meetings and activities
  • Organize pre-trip preparation and education
  • Dedicate a significant number of hours in the fall semester to implement a successful auction, which is our main fundraiser event
  • During the trip,  work closely with the moderators and program coordinator to offer daily reflection and support that encourages critical thinking and processing of the experience
  • Upon return from the trip, support the whole team to find ways to “bring Mexico home” to our larger Loyola community through educational events as well as presentations to share their experience in Mexico.


Student leaders are exempt from the program fees in recognition of the tremendous commitment to the program.

Criteria for Application

Students must have already participated in a Project Mexico program or be a current team member. We look for students who have demonstrated an understanding of the mission and goals of the program and are passionate about accompanying other students to learn from an international immersion experience.

A minimum GPA of 2.5 as well as good academic standing is required. We also look for demonstrated leadership experience.

Application Process

The process is noted above. For further information, please contact Andy Goicochea at mgoicochea@loyola.edu or ext. 5823.