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In 1991, Project Mexico moved to a partnership with Los Niños, a bi-national non-profit organization. Los Niños hosts our educational immersion trip in Mexico and San Diego. We fly into San Diego, are picked up by the delegation leaders and spend some days in San Diego and some in Mexicali.

As an organization, Los Niños truly has become a co-educator of our group, and its staff are friends of Loyola institutionally and to the group's participants. Los Niños is a program that believes in our values of working with and not for others. The dynamic of the program is never one-sided.  Instead, while Loyola gives to the communities in Mexico, we also receive much in the form of hospitality, wisdom and hope.

Project Mexico, at its best, combines direct personal experience, education and personal reflection. We respect all people as potential teachers, recognize the complexity of the border issues, believe that ones’ critical thinking is enriched by personal contact and encourage each participant to act on what he or she has learned.

Los Niños houses our whole group.  From there we enter into the communities to work with organized community groups offering our physical labor to help improve their schools or work with other development projects.  The educational activities also take place throughout Mexicali and San Diego as we come to learn about the many complex border issues.