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Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

Guide to One-Time and Group Service Planning

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CCSJ follows the PARE model of "preparation," "action," "reflection," and "evaluation" in order to maximize the educational and transformative value of each service experience. Please use the process described here for planning a successful one-time service experience:

  1. Identify if the opportunity fits the needs of you or your group. Consider time and scheduling, number of participants, level of prior experience, and access to transportation.
  2. Contact the agency offering this opportunity to get more details. Keep in mind that many organizations have a limited capacity for volunteers, so not all will be able to accommodate your entire group or the particular date you would like. When possible, offer several options for dates.
  3. Plan logistics using the guide for planning and the planning worksheet.
  4. Prepare participants for the experience, using our preparation activities as a guideline. Don't forget to have everyone complete a volunteer waiver before leaving campus!
  5. Act on the opportunity, engaging fully in the experience with other volunteers and with the community.
  6. Reflect on your experience using one of our reflection activities. The fresher the experience is in participants' minds, the better! Plan to reflect soon after serving, and to do so in a comfortable environment in which participants can focus on their experience and discuss openly.
  7. Evaluate your experience for the benefit of future volunteers. CCSJ uses each event evaluation to improve its recommendations for other groups. Please also send a volunteer roster to Megan Rosenberger at mlrosenberger@loyola.edu, so we know who was involved.

If you have any questions or need help anywhere along this process, especially for preparation and reflection activities, please feel free to contact our HoundServe Service Coordinator at houndserve@loyola.edu or Megan Rosenberger at mlrosenberger@loyola.edu or x2638.