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Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

About Service-Learning

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Meet the Office of Service-Learning 

The mission of the Office of Service-Learning is “to contribute to Loyola’s mission to ‘inspire students to learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and changing world’ through the engaged scholarship of its faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students.” It does so by promoting, supporting, and further institutionalizing engaged scholarship, including service-learning and engaged research, at Loyola. 

Where are we located?

The Office of Service-Learning is a smaller office within the larger Center for Community Service and Justice.  We are physically located within the Center, in Humanities 142!

Who are we (in a nutshell)? 

Robin Crews, Director of Service-Learning

Robin recruits, trains, and supports faculty to teach service-learning and do other forms of engaged scholarship.  He offers assistance with course development, pedagogy, and reflection, and he crafts our long-term vision. 

Kate Figiel-Miller, Assistant Director of Service-Learning

Kate provides logistical support for service-learning students, faculty, and partnerships in service-learning courses (and other forms of engaged scholarship) as needed.  Sometimes she is able to be a “matchmaker” who brings together faculty and community for new service-learning partnerships.  Kate also oversees service-learning assessment and communications.

Jake Petrini, Class of 2016, Service Coordinator for Service-Learning

Jake serves as the liaison and coordinator between service-learning students and community partners at two sites, Govans and Tunbridge.  He also assists with service-learning promotion and social media. 

Katie Despeaux, Class of 2016, Service-Learning Graduate Assistant

Katie runs the numbers and keeps us organized.  She tracks service-learning courses, updates the website, and administers and analyzes our assessments, including end-of-the-semester service-learning course surveys. Katie also provides support for other projects.

Our team also includes many other members of the CCSJ student staff team!  Service Coordinators with a number of partners work with service-learners serving at their sites, helping them figure out when and how to get to service, and how to get the most from their service-learning experience.

For more information, contact Robin Crews, Director of Service-Learning, at ext. 2112 or rcrews@loyola.edu.