Loyola University Maryland

Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

Fall 2012 Service-Learning Courses

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SL = Designated Service-Learning Mandatory Courses
SO = Designated Service-Learning Optional Courses

Designated Service-Learning Courses

These courses meet the service-learning definition and criteria.


  • CM 404.01 Senior Capstone in Public Relations, Prof. Karen Smedly, SL
  • CM 404.02 Senior Capstone in Public Relations, Dr. Tani Cantrell Rosas-Moreno, SL


  • SE 496.01 Introduction to Special Education, Dr. Elana Rock, SL
  • SE 496.02 Introduction to Special Education, Dr. Elana Rock, SL


  • EN101D.01 Understanding Literature: Why Literature Matters, Dr. Brian Norman, SO

Information Systems/Operations Management

  • IS 356.01 IT for Financial  Services, Dr. Paul Tallon, SO


  • MK 240.01 Introduction to Marketing, Dr. Richard Klink, SL

Pastoral Counseling

  • PC 670.52 Introduction to Pastoral Counseling, Dr. Jill Snodgrass, SO
  • PC 678.51/.52 Psychopathology, Dr. Elizabeth Maynard, SO
  • PC 732.51 Spiritual & Theological Dimensions of Suffering, Dr. Jill Snodgrass, SO


  • PL 201.28/.29 Foundations of Philosophy, Dr. Catriona Hanley
  • PL 302.01 General Ethics, Prof. Nina Guise-Gerrity, SL
  • PL 314.01 Environmental Ethics, Dr. Mavis Biss, SO
  • PL 314.02 Environmental Ethics, Dr. Drew Leder, SO


  • PY 202.01 Psychopathology, Dr. Beth Kotchick, SO


  • SC 104.01 Cultural Anthropology, Dr. Jana Kopelentova Rehak, SL

Speech Language Pathology/Audiology

  • SP 214.01 Introduction to Sign Language, Dr. Donna Pitts, SO
  • SP 308.01/02 Professional and Technical Writing in Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology, Dr. Lisa Schoenbrodt, SL
  • SP 405.01 Organic Basis of Childhood Communication Disorders, Dr. Lena Caesar, SO


  • WR 100.07 Effective Writing, Dr. Andrea Leary, SO
  • WR 305.01 Writing for the Web, Dr. Allen Brizee, SO
  • WR 323.01 Writing Center Theory & Practice, Dr. Lisa Zimmerelli, SL
  • WR 325.01 Rhetoric of Professional Writing, Dr. Terre Ryan, SO
  • WR 327.01 Civic Literacy, Dr. Andrea Leary, SL
  • WR 352.01 Biography and Autobiography, Prof. Jane Satterfield, SL

Courses with Service Components

Some or all of these courses have service experiences related to course content, at least partially integrate service-learning pedagogy and provide some preparation and reflection for students.


  • ED 100D.01 Introduction to Elementary Education, Prof. Dana Reinhardt
  • ED 202.01 Child & Adolescent Development, Dr. Peter Murrell
  • ED 438.01-.10 Field Exerience: Special Education, Elementary Ed. Majors, Prof. Mark McDonald
  • ED 439.01-.10 Field Exerience: Special Education, Secondary Ed. Majors, Prof. Mark McDonald
  • ED 443.01-.09 Field Exerience: Special Education, Non-Ed. Majors, Prof. Mark McDonald


  • EN 101.18/.21 Understanding Literature, Dr. Juniper Ellis

Pastoral Counseling

  • PC 670.51 Intro to Pastoral Counseling, Dr. Deborah Roilison


  • PL 346.01 Philosophy of Peace, Dr. Catriona Hanley


  • MK 240.01 Introduction to Marketing, Dr. Gerard Athaide

Modern Languages and Literatures

  • SN 104.09 Intermediate Spanish II, Dr. Marie Murphy
  • FR 201.01/.02 French Conversation and Composition, Prof. Catherine Savell


  • SC 101D.05 Self and Society (Alpha), Dr. Barbara Vann

Speech Language Pathology/Audiology

  • SP 406.01 Organic Bases of Adult Communication Disiorders, Prof. Lura Vogelman