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Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

Fall 2014 Service-Learning Courses

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To date, the courses below have been identified as service-learning courses and courses with service components. Additional courses will be added to the list as we learn about them, so please continue to revisit this page.

SL= Designated Service-Learning Mandatory Courses
SO = Designated Service-Learning Optional Courses

Designated Service-Learning Courses

These courses meet the service-learning definition and criteria.


  • LT 104  Intermediate Latin II: Prose and Poetry, Thomas McCreight, SO


  • CM 404  Senior Capstone in Public Relations, Tania Rosas-Moreno, SL


  • TE 601/SE 720  Child and Adolescent Development, Marie Celeste, SO
  • RE 219 Theoretical Processes and Acquisition of Reading, Margarita Zisselsberger, SO
  • GC 700.601 Introduction to School Counseling, Jennifer Scaturo Watkinson, SO


  • HS 106D Messina: The Making of the Modern World: Africa, Betsy Schmidt, SO

Information Systems

  • IS 356  Information Technology for Financial Services, Paul Tallon, SO

Modern Languages

  • SN 370  Nineteenth-Century Latin American Novel, Tom Ward, SO

Pastoral Counseling

  • PC 732  Spiritual and Theological Dimensions of Suffering, Jill Snodgrass, SO
  • PC 670  Introduction to Pastoral Counseling, Jesse Fox, SO


  • PL 201  Messina: Foundations of Philosophy, Catriona Hanley, SO
  • PL 314  Environmental Ethics, Drew Leder, SO 
  • PL 201  Messina: Foundations of Philosophy, Nina Guise-Gerrity, SO

Political Science

  • PS 307  The Global Politics of Migration, Janine Holc, SO


  • PY 202  Psychopathology, Beth Kotchick, SO


  • TH 273  Urban Health and Faith, Maiju Lehmijoki-Gardner, SO


  • WR 100  Effective Writing, Andrea Leary, SO
  • WR 323  Writing Center Practice Theory, Lisa Zimmerelli, SL 
  • WR 320  Art of the Argument, Andrea Leary, SO

Courses with Service Components

Some or all of these courses have service experiences related to course content, at least partially integrate service-learning pedagogy and provide some preparation and reflection for students.


  • BL 305, Plant Ecology, Bernadette Roche, SL


  • CM 227  Introduction to Public Relations, Paola Pascual-Ferra, SO
  • CM 401, Senior Capstone: Design and Print Media, Jonathan Lillie, SO


  • ED 202  Child and Adolescent Development, Peter Murrell, SO
  • ED 205  Educational Psychology, Peter Murrell, SO
  • RE 603  Language, Literacy, and Culture, Leah Saal, SO
  • GC 700  Introduction to School Counseling, Jennifer Scaturo Watkinson, SO


  • EN 409  Senior Honors Seminar: Humor Studies, June Ellis, SO

Fine Arts

  • SA 224  Two-Dimensional Design, Mary Beth Akre, SO

Speech Language Pathology/Audiology 

  • SP 406  Organic Bases of Adult Communication Disorders, Lura Vogelman, SO