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The Service-Learning program and staff are here to support faculty to teach service-learning.  Faculty, we welcome you to experiment with and adopt the service-learning pedagogy as it fits with your courses and other teaching methods.  Below, find a list of links to all you need to know to successfully plan and implement a service-learning course.

General Service-Learning Information

Service-Learning Course Designation Process

Earned Course Release Process

Essential Steps for Integrating Service-Learning into Your Course

Faculty Development Opportunities/Awards

Forms for Current Service-Learning Faculty

  • Acceptance of Risk (Word Doc)
    This form must be signed by all students engaging in service-learning.  Faculty must collect these forms from students if your partner site does not have a Service Coordinator and you will not be requiring students to attend the general service-learning prep session presented by the Office of Service-Learning.
  • Student-Faculty-Agency Contract (Word doc)
    This form is recommended for all service-learning courses. It must be customized with each course's service-learning objectives and completed by the student with the service-learning partner and turned in to the faculty member.
  • Transportation Information 
    Loyola manages a fleet of vehicles for all students doing service as part of a service-learning course. Students may access this service by reserving a vehicle through CCSJ. Students must start early to become authorized and reserve vehicles well in advance.
  • Student Service-Learning Timeline 
    This provides deadlines for signing up and starting the service-learning experience, particularly for students serving in weekly service.
  • Log Sheet (Word doc)
    Many faculty members ask students to use this form to track their completed hours. Students bring this form to their site each week and their site supervisor signs off that they have completed the hours.
  • Earned Course Release Form (Word doc)
    This form is completed by the Office of Service-Learning to certify that a faculty member has taught enough service-learning students to be eligible for a course release.
  • Service-Learning Course Assessment Form