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Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

Course Designation FAQs

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Can a designated service-learning course be taught by any instructor?

A designated service-learning course only counts as a service-learning course when it is taught by the faculty member who submitted her/his syllabus to the director of service-learning for approval.

How long do course designations last?

Courses offered every semester or every year will be designated as service-learning courses for a period of three years. Courses offered less frequently will be designated as service-learning courses the next three times courses are taught.

What happens at the end of the three years?

After three years (or three semesters when the course is taught) the faculty member is encouraged to reflect on the success of the service-learning aspects of the course with her/his department chair (he/she is also encouraged to do the same with the director of service-learning). The faculty member may then resubmit an updated course syllabus for designation as a service-learning course for another three years.

Who notifies the Academic Publications Office about service-learning courses in a department?

Once the department chair and faculty member have been notified that a course is approved as a service-learning course, the chair is responsible for identifying the course as a service-learning course when he/she submits the master schedule of courses to the Academic Publications Office.

When can course releases be used?

The timing of a course release (earned by a faculty member after teaching three service-learning courses) is to be agreed upon by the chair and faculty member in a way that is mutually beneficial for the department and the instructor.

How will teaching service-learning courses be included in faculty portfolios for promotion and tenure? 

Faculty who teach service-learning courses are responsible for including this information in their annual update reports. Department chairs and deans are responsible for including this information in the annual update process and normal letters they write for promotion and tenure files.