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Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

How To Find Potential Community Partners

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For Service-Learning Faculty

Faculty interested in identifying potential community partners for service-learning courses may:

  • Use their own networks or web searches to identify potential partners.
  • Consult with the Office of Service-Learning to learn about partners with whom CCSJ and the Office of Service-learning already have a relationship.

For Kolvenbach Applicants and Other Engaged Scholars

Faculty and students interested in identifying community partners for research and other projects, including Kolvenbach applicants seeking a partner, may review the following document.  This Partnership Pool is a list of projects and research needs some of our community partners have shared with us over time, and which we have done our best to compile. 

  1. Review the Partnership Pool information and identify potential partners from the list; please use this document as a starting point for ideas on collaborations.  
  2. Meet with Kate Figiel-Miller, Assistant Director of Service-Learning, to discuss partnership and be directly connected with partners; and
  3. Meet with the potential partner and discuss the agency’s authentic needs, the applicant’s research needs, and the ways the proposed research project would meet those needs.
  4. As per Kolvenbach application guidelines, should the applicant and agency agree to move forward on a research partnership, submit a letter from the potential community partner to this effect as a part of the application.