Loyola University Maryland

Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

Faculty Recognition and Support

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Faculty members who wish to have one or more of their undergraduate courses designated as service-learning courses are entitled to the following:

  • A maximum class size of 25 students*
  • One (bankable) course release after teaching three service-learning courses (each must average at least 16 service-learning students); i.e., after teaching three service-learning courses (or one service-learning course three times) with a total of at least 48 service-learning students in them. The timing and details of the course release are to be negotiated between the faculty member and his/her department chair.
  • Recognition through the annual update process and normal letters from one’s department chair and dean for promotion/tenure files.

Faculty teaching graduate level service-learning courses should consult with their dean about the applicability of the above benefits.