Loyola University Maryland

Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

Timeline for Service-Learning Courses

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Once you decide integrate service-learning into your course, please honor the following timeline:

Midway through the semester PRIOR to the one when you plan to teach the course

  1. Review the Faculty Planning Guide and begin to think about what your objectives are for including service-learning in your course, what types of placements would be appropriate for your course, what agencies (if any) you have in mind, etc.
  2. Review the Center’s handbook to see a list of agencies with whom we work. Service-learning partnerships are not limited to this list, however, so feel free to explore other options.
  3. Meet with Dr. Robin Crews (rcrews@loyola.edu), director of service-learning, to discuss your syllabus, objectives, integration of reflection, and other pedagogical issues.
  4. Make an initial contact with someone at the agency or agencies; follow up with a visit.
  5. Include information in your syllabus about the service-learning aspects of the course, including relevant forms (service-learning contract, vehicle information sheet, description of placement options, etc.). These can also be posted on Moodle.
  6. If desired, arrange a time for someone to visit class and explain service-learning options (during the first week of class if possible).

Beginning of the semester when you plan to teach the course

  1. The assistant director of service-learning will work with Student Coordinators and community agency staff to coordinate logistics regarding placement, and will report back to you with information.
  2. Final decisions are made on placements.
  3. The assistant director of service-learning will visit class during first week of spring semester to explain options and logistics (or you may choose to explain to students yourself). Students then follow their own Service-Learning Timeline to choose placements and make arrangements.

During the Semester

  1. You should be in touch with the community agency staff person (preferably the person supervising your students) during the semester to see if there are any problems. Establishing open, two-way communication is very important. Mark it in your calendar to call the agency supervisor several times throughout the semester.
  2. Encourage students to communicate with you and with their agency supervisor if they are having any problems.
  3. The assistant director of service-learning will contact you to arrange for the students to take the service-learning course assessment.

End of Semester

  1. Students, service-learning faculty, and community partners complete an assessment through a form on the CCSJ website.
  2. Follow up with agency supervisor at the end of the semester.