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Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

Map of Community Partners

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View SP 2016 Community Partner Map in a full screen map

Our interactive community partners map is designed to help you explore the organizations that the Center for Community Service and Justice and Office of Service-Learning work with throughout the school year. Each flag represents one of these organizations and when you click on a flag, you will find a detailed explanation of each site. These details will include the name of the organization, the population(s) it serves, the service days available, the site activities and issues, as well as the partnering professors at that site.

You can use any keyword from these details to search within the map (the search bar is located at the top right corner). If you know you’re taking a class with Dr. Leary, for example, you can search “Leary” and her courses’ community partners will be flagged on the map. You can search days of the week, “adults” or “senior citizens,” or even “homelessness,” if that is the issue you want to work with. The map also allows you to use multiple keywords, so if you’re interested in working with a senior citizen population on Wednesdays, the map will flag organizations that have service available on Wednesdays with that population. Go ahead and give it a try! 

You can also view a spreadsheet of our community partners.