Loyola University Maryland

Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

Service-Learning Timeline for Students

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Please note: This is a general guide; your professor may have different requirements.

First Week of Classes

  • Think about which service-learning placement will best fit with your schedule, coursework, activities, etc. (remember that this is a commitment for the entire semester).
  • If you need to use Loyola vehicles, follow the vehicle instructions and start now!

Second Week of Classes

  • Make a final decision about your service-learning placement.
  • Contact the appropriate CCSJ Service Coordinator or Community Partner Staff Person (see “Tips” below).
  • If you are serving at a site without a CCSJ Service Coordinator, schedule your on-campus prep session by emailing servicelearning@loyola.edu

Third Week of Classes

  • Continue communication with CCSJ Service Coordinator or Community Partner Staff.
  • Arrange for an orientation and visit to agency OR begin your service.

Fourth Week of Classes

  • Complete the service-learning contract with your community agency supervisor; plan ahead to meet the contract due date assigned by your professor!  Note: a service-learning contract may not be required for your course – ask your professor if you’re not sure.
  • YOU MUST BEGIN SERVICE by this week to complete your hours.


* When contacting the Service Coordinator or Community Partner, send an email and mention that you are a service-learning student from __________ (name of course) with __________ (name of professor) and that you’re interested in doing your service at ___________ (name of community partner).  Also, it is helpful to list the days/times you are available in this initial email – the more info you give the Service Coordinator, the more quickly you will get set up! 

* Communicate with your professor. If you have questions/problems, let your professor know what’s going on before it’s too late! Contact Megan Linz Dickinson for assistance mlinz@loyola.edu or visit the CCSJ office.

And most importantly…ACT QUICKLY!!   This whole process takes time, so avoid a late start by making a decision and starting the process as soon as possible.