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Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

Student Publicity Assistant

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The Student Publicity Assistant (formerly known as Creative Assistant) requires a time commitment of 8-15 hours per week with main objective is to support CCSJ in striving to establish its identity on campus and to educate the campus community about its work. 

Primary roles of the Student Publicity Assistant are to:

  • Generate, revise and further enhance publicity materials, i.e. through print media, audio/visual media, and electronic/social media. 
  • Complete the creative projects assigned by CCSJ professional staff and Student Service Coordinators, meeting all deadlines and acknowledging the unique needs and traits of each service site or program.

Student Publicity Assistant Qualifications

In addition to the CCSJ Intern General Qualifications, strong Student Publicity Assistant applicants will:

  • Expect to apply their talents to the following areas: graphic design, page layouts, branding, 2D print media, advertisements or publication design, copy editing, writing and creative marketing solutions. 
  • Possess a background in one or more of the following subjects: Communication Studies, Advertising, Public Relations, Social Media, Journalism, Copy Editing, Digital Media, Writing, Business or Marketing (Not Required).
  • Have a working command of Adobe Creative Suite 6 - Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge or InDesign, and Final Cut, etc. (Not Required).
  • Have experience in community service and interest in social justice issues (Highly Preferred).

General Student Publicity Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Maintain cooperation with fellow creative assistants through open and constant communication about project requirements.
  • Maintain professional correspondence and status updates with CCSJ staff and student employees.
  • Maintain two-way communication with staff member requesting project.  
  • Have a working knowledge of the characteristics of each service site or program, and have an idea of the student or supervisor that oversees each program.
  • Commit to 8-13 hours per week (not to exceed 13 or 13.5 hours per week), divided among different job responsibilities. See the Week in the Life of a Creative Assistant for details.

Student Publicity Assistant Position-Specific Responsibilities: 

While specialization opportunities exist for Print Media, Multi-Media and Social Media, and each Student Publicity Assistant will be assigned as the point person for certain specialization.  Every Student Publicity Assistant should understand that they may be asked to perform tasks outside his/her concentration as needed.

2D Print Media Specialist

  • Design and appropriately size print flyers, posters, postcards, Greyhound newspaper advertisements, and digital signage. 
  • Update and optimize official printed materials such as handbooks or brochures.
  • Collaborate with social media specialist in posting the completed flyer on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is highly preferred. 

Multimedia Specialist: Photography

  • Takes photos of various service events and service sites. This task requires:
    • seeking out appropriate photographic subjects and opportunities;
    • carrying out research and preparation for a shoot;
    • working in different locations and in different circumstances to get the right image;
    • using a range of technical equipment, including cameras, lenses, lighting and specialized software.
    • managing the processing and use of images, discussing technical problems, checking for quality and dealing with clients' concerns;
    • preparing proofs for approval;
    • preparing and collecting waiver forms from clients or parents/guardians of the clients
  • Process and maintain photography database for CCSJ events and programs on the computer storage space and online database, i.e. Smugmug.  
  • Work with social media specialist to promote and manage Instagram. 
  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop preferred but not necessary.  

Multimedia Specialist: Videography

Videotape various service events or sites using video camera equipment; make technical decisions regarding such elements as appropriate lighting, shooting angle and placement and type of microphone; receive explicit instructions regarding assignment.

  • Edit and assemble final visual/audio program material; ensure consistency and relevancy to production; monitor technical quality of end product.
  • Develop a plan or storyboard for the video production.
  • Discuss ideas & production setting with supervisor.
  • Test all equipment prior to operation in the field to ensure technical quality of recordings, including audio and lighting apparatus and rechargeable battery capacity.
  • Oversee the security, operation and maintenance of equipment utilized in shooting and editing.
  • Obtain waiver forms from clients or parents/guardians of the clients
  • Work with social media specialist to promote and manage YouTube. 
  • Proficiency in Premier Pro, Final Cut (Pro/Express), and experience with “After Effects” is highly prefered.

Social Media Specialist

  • Design, upload and maintain the web-box advertisement and announcement on CCSJ’s homepage.
  • Oversee and coordinate all other social media promotion i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.
  • Manage all daily social media activities, including posting on Facebook and Twitter; fostering follower engagement through conversation replies; and monitoring related activity to ensure compliance with relevant CCSJ values.
  • Provide daily oversight of online communities, including interacting directly with followers to promote CCSJ events; answering questions and ensuring a safe environment.
  • Recommend and implement strategies for recruiting new followers and members; fostering loyalty across all social media properties; and optimizing communication strategies.
  • Work closely with other CA team members to ensure that social media activities are integrated into overall publicity strategies.
  • Report to supervisor about social media successes and lessons learned.

Project Manager

  • Oversee proper distribution of all printed materials from start to finish.
  • Keep a final printed material in the portfolio binder.
  • Maintain the completion process while managing and keeping track of project requests.
  • Serve as a liaison between Creative Assistant team and Printing Services Department.
  • Serve as a liaison between Creative Assistant and CCSJ staff.