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Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

Student Administrative Assistant

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All Student Administrative Assistant positions are 7-15 hours per week, paid positions to support CCSJ establishing a welcoming and safe environment which fosters education through service. 

Primary roles of the Student Administrative Assistant are:

  • to staff front desk
  • to work as a team with other Student Administrative Assistants to provide clerical and administrative support to CCSJ professional staff and Student Service Coordinators
  • to perform the assigned specific tasks which pertain to the steady operation of the Center. 

Student Administrative Assistant Qualifications

In addition to the CCSJ Intern General Qualifications, Student AdministrativeAssistant applicants should:

  • Have experience in community service and interest in social justice issues.
  • Possess work experience in one or more of the following areas: Customer Service, Hospitality, Event Management, Desk Assistance is highly preferable. 
  • Working command of Microsoft Office, particularly Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

General Student Administrative Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Gain a full knowledge of CCSJ mission and programs
  • Greet visitors with hospitality (answer questions, take messages, refer to staff members)
  • Keep the office common space and lobby clean and organized
  • Office support: post flyers, run errands, bulk mailings, make copies, scans, fax, empty mail bag and distribute the mails, organize and distribute incoming faxes, refill paper in the copy machine
  • Check in with and assist Center staff with projects and tasks
  • Check ccsjsa@loyola.edu Outlook email during work hours and respond to project accordingly
  • Coordinate Motor pool related tasks, ie. submitting request, submitting cancellation, forwarding approval to the volunteers when it has been approved by Parking and Transportation Department
  • Coordinate the Bridge Project by responding to letters from inmates regarding improvements on their spiritual lives and informative materials—produced and provided by Philosophy Professor Dr. Drew Leder—about meditative practices in prison.
  • Commit to 8-15 hours per week, divided among different job responsibilities. See theWeek in the Life of a Student Administrative Assistant for details.

Student Administrative Assistant Position-Specific Responsibilities: 

Office Supply and Storage Maintenance

  • Maintain CCSJ storage at HU24 (basement) and Office Supplies (front desk cabinets and drawers).
  • Update the storage database (excel spreadsheet) when there are changes in inventory.
  • Collaborate with Coordinators to keep the storage organized

Office Cleanliness and Sustainability 

  • Water the plants around the office regularly.
  • Educate staff about sustainability (through emails, projects, etc).
  • Collaborate with organizations on campus (Environmental Action Club, etc) when you can to learn more ideas for sustainability in the office. 

Student Intern Relations

  • Coordinate card circulation celebrating student staff’s birthdays.
  • Send reminder e-mails to the entire staff about office and campus-wide events.
  • Organize committees and prepare for staff gatherings including special events (ie holiday parties, Celebration of Service, etc).
  • Mediate updates acknowledging staff members’ academic and social justice achievements.

Library Management 

  • Organize the CCSJ library and keep track of the books/DVDs that are checked out.
  • Promote the library by selecting a "spotlight" book every 2 weeks.
  • Update the catalog online (CCSJ website).
  • Provide guidance to student staff  and volunteer who would like to explore different justice issues materials.
  • Maintain the social justice online database.

Volunteers Database Coordination

  • Download TST volunteer information data off of Site Core
  • Collect Houndserve volunteer information data off of Google Docs
  • Create master rosters for all TST and Houndserve service sites on an Excel spreadsheet 
  • Update master rosters between semesters
  • Update and send weekly bulletins in consultation with Full-Time Staff to TST and HoundServe service coordinators
  • Communicate with service coordinators about rosters and volunteers

Website Management 

  • Attend training of new website maintenance software as required.
  • Update CCSJ website as required.

Project Management 

  • Regularly check the incoming Student Assistant Requests. 
  • Assign the incoming task to the team in consideration of the workload each SA already has.
  • Update the status of each project and follow up with the staff member who assigned the task.
  • Organize and maintain the red binder and all the folders on the front desk. 
  • Keep the communication within the team and keep electronic post-it notes up-to-date.
  • Organize and clean the outdated email/projects in "ccsjsa" Outlook inbox.
  • Maintain and organize student assistant H drive.

Immersions Programs Support 

  • Coordinate interview process (organize applications, oversee interview signups, compile results)
  • Organize forms and paperwork
  • Research and purchase airline tickets
  • Update readings and assist with special events 

York Road Initiative Support

  • Work with the York Road Initiative and York Road Partnership to provide administrative and organizing support to programs

York Road Student Engagement

  • Work in partnership to support and serve as a bridge for CCSJ & the York Road Students Association
  • Promote meaningful and lasting relationships between student and neighbors on the York Road Corridor
  • Plan creative events for positive engagement