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Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

A Week in the Life of a CCSJ Student Assistant

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(Working hours not to exceed 13.5 or 14.5 hours per week)

Hours for Student Assistant

Office Hours (Up to 11.5 or 12.5 hours) 

All Student Assistants will be scheduled for office hours in the CA Office in CCSJ. This is a time to responding to emails or projects that submitted through ccsjsa@loyola.edu, performing the special task that assigned to specific SA, e.g. reading and replying mails for Bridge Project, submitting motorpool requests, cleaning and organizing kitchen area, etc., getting feedback from your supervisor and accomplishing tasks related to your job duties.

Supervision One-on-One Meetings (1 hour every other week)

Each student will have regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings with his or her supervisor. For the first month of the semester, these meetings will be held every week and then, when bi-weekly reflections begin, the supervision meetings will be held every other week alternating with bi-weekly reflections. This is a time for feedback, mentoring and guidance on all aspects of the job, talking through challenges and discussing relevant justice issues. 

Bi-Weekly Small Group Reflections (1 hour every other week)

All Student Staff in CCSJ participate in biweekly small group reflections focused on racial justice. These reflections are facilitated by full-time staff members and follow a curriculum designed to help students understand the role of systemic racism in our society and the implications for our work as Service Coordinators in Baltimore City.

Staff Meetings (1 hour every week)

Student Staff meetings are scheduled, based on the staff class schedules each semester, for one hour each week, between the hours of 9-5pm, Monday-Friday. Staff Meetings are a time to grow as a team and a community so we can improve the quality and impact of our collective work, to share ideas, feedback and insight on relevant campus and community issues, to learn nuts and bolts for your job, to share information, to provide affirmation to one another and to be rejuvenated and re-energized.

All final decisions about student hours resides with the individual supervisor. Any modifications to these guidelines must be approved by the supervisor in discussion with the Associate Director for Administration and Ongoing Service.