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Director's Message

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Dr. Stephanie Flores-Koulish has been appointed interim director of CIUE as Dr Robert Simmons is on academic leave for the 2014-2015 academic year. She is working closely with Associate Dean Rob Helfenbein to continue outreach and internal support for our partnerships. Contact CIUE at ciue@loyola.edu

SimmonsIt is our belief that collaborations with various entities interested in urban education will improve the educational experience of students in Baltimore, as well as other urban enclaves in the United States. Our collaborative spirit is developed with an understanding that working to improve the schooling situation of urban students must happen in partnership with not only those situated in the field of education, but also other organizations such as health care providers, local businesses, faith based organizations, and human service organizations.

At the CIUE, we view urban youth as vibrant, full of hope, and capable of being contributors to our democracy. Through our on-going efforts, the CIUE will honor urban youth and communities by not only advocating for educational reform but also developing projects aimed at improving the educational experiences of urban youth, but also creating a community of teachers, learners, and scholars. This commitment to educational equity in schools in urban communities is aligned with Fr. Pedro Arrupe’s assertion that the mission of the Jesuits is the promotion of social justice through our actions. As such, it is our belief that addressing the needs of all the students, teachers, administrators, and families, linked to urban schools requires courage, resilience, and passion. To that end, it is our intention to utilize the CIUE as an instrument of change that will ensure equity in the educational experiences of young people in urban communities. 

Robert W. Simmons III, Ed.D.