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Center for Innovation in Urban Education

Urban Needs in Teacher Education (UNITE)

Urban Needs in Teacher Education

We are pre-professionals shifting our perspectives, alleviating our apprehensions, and switching our lenses found within the urban communities in which we engage.
Unite Misson and Focus Area Pillars

Focus Areas:

  1. Professional Development: We bring in knowledgeable individuals to share their personal expertise on various topics relevant to urban areas. The Executive Board chooses which topics to delve into based on the feedback from our membership.
  2. Critical Conversations: UNITE provides a space for members to reflect and analyze in critical conversation on commonalities found in urban environments.
  3. Membership Motivation: Member motivation is the driving force of our organization. Without the consistent efforts of our members, our club would not have been able to be the Loyola University Maryland Club of the Year 2014!
  4. Community Engagement: An extremely important aspect of any teacher is to know the community of the students. UNITE members will have the opportunity to engage in communities in Baltimore to get to know what is happening outside of the classroom, providing a different setting to connect with students.
  5. Baltimore: Due to the fact that our student teaching and field experiences are in Baltimore, UNITE’s goal is to focus on the Baltimore community.

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