Pastoral and Mental Health Counseling

On our life's journey we often rely on several sources for support: psychological, emotional, and spiritual. The Loyola Clinical Centers offers several options when seeking professional counseling support. Located at the Columbia campus in Howard County, with some services also at the Baltimore Belvedere office, the LCC's professional counseling services offer you the scientific approach of professional clinical mental health counseling combined with an integrated spiritual dimension.

While providing quality outpatient mental health care, pastoral counseling clinicians also address matters of spiritual care in a non-sectarian way. You don't have to be of a specific faith or religious belief to take advantage of pastoral counseling services. Our student clinicians are closely supervised by skilled licensed professionals and have more than 400 clinical hours of experience. And with the average age of our students at 42 years old, they have acquired the necessary life experience to help guide you with your own life's challenges.

Whether you struggle with depression, anxiety, behavior and attention problems, family concerns, or major life stress and conflicts, such as low self-esteem, divorce, bereavement, and family or career conflicts, our unique, client-centric and strengths based approach will help guide you through the healing process to overcome your challenges and ultimately find peace of mind.

We serve families, children, ages four through teens, couples and individual adults.

People who need pastoral and clinical mental health counseling services typically have these kinds of concerns:

  • Are you looking for a counselor who is specifically trained in the integration of spirituality and mental health counseling?
  • Have you lost someone important to you? Are you grieving the loss of someone important to you?
  • If you are seeking services for a family member, would he/she be more comfortable with someone who could integrate spiritual beliefs into the counseling session?
  • Are you dealing with the effects of abuse or another traumatic event?
  • Are you having difficulty with life's transitions (i.e. divorce, personal growth, grief/loss) and you would like to see a counselor who can incorporate spiritual beliefs into the healing process?
  • Are you seeking support for family or partner conflict?
  • Are you searching for support that will respect your cultural, racial, spiritual, religious, and orientation identities?

Fee Comparison Chart

  Average Community Rate LCC Rate 
Individual Counseling $125/session $70/session with sliding scale available
Group Counseling $70/session $15/session with sliding scale available
Couples Counseling $150/session $70/session with sliding scale available
Family Counseling $150/session $70/session with sliding scale available

For questions about general pastoral and clinical mental health counseling, contact:

Susan Branco, Ph.D, LCPC, LPC, NCC, ACS
Division Director, Pastoral Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling