Loyola University Maryland

Counseling Center

Dealing with Grief and Loss after a Suicide

The Counseling Center is aware that some members of our community have recently lost friends and family members to suicide. If you or someone close to you has been affected, we invite you to make an appointment with us so that we can support you during this difficult time. Please refer to the following links for helpful information in dealing with grief in the aftermath of suicide.

  • Grief After Suicide – Tips for coping with and healing from the loss of a loved one through suicide. Site maintained by the Canadian Mental Health Association.
  • Support After a Suicide – To help you understand your feelings after someone has committed suicide. Also has additional resources. Site maintained by the Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide organization.
  • Ulifeline.org – An online behavioral support system created by the JED Foundation.
  • AFSP.org – An educational website created by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
  • For Survivors - Additional information about coping with the loss of a loved one by suicide.
  • United Suicide Survivors International - Learn about being an advocate for suicide prevention. 
  • The 'A friend asks' website linked below is maintained by the Jason Foundation, which is dedicated to the prevention of suicide through educational and awareness programs.  There are Apple and Android apps for suicide prevention tips available here also. Please note that the Counseling Center (410-617-CARE (2273)) and the Department of Public Safety (410-617-5911) are Loyola University Maryland’s primary resources to contact for immediate assistance.
                                                                   Jason Foundation App

It is often helpful to talk about the loss. If you need help with this process, the staff at the Counseling Center are trained to help people cope with grief. Call or stop by for an appointment.