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EcoSteps illustrates the commitment Parkhurst has made to address sustainable food service, "green" our dining operations, and expand our role as a socially responsible organization.

For example, we source more than 20% of our food locally through our FarmSource program. FarmSource is one of the most successful local food service purchasing programs in the country, connecting farmers and artisans directly with Parkhurst.

To enhance the "greening" of our dining operations, our spent fryer oil, for example, is used to help produce bio-diesel fuel rather than sending it to a rendering facility to be used for cosmetics or animal feed.

Other accomplishments include the switch to biodegradable service ware, onsite pre-and post-organic recycling (composting) of food waste, and onsite gardening. Look for the EcoSteps logo used in Loyola dining locations to identify and promote our continuous focus on sustainable food, green practices, and other environmental initiatives.