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The Diversity Course Requirement

Finding Courses that Meet the Diversity Course Requirement

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Diversity courses are listed under each department’s heading and designated with a “D” after the course number. For example a section of History 101might be HS101.20 (not a diversity section), or HS101D.12 (a diversity section). By completing HS101D.12, a student will have fulfilled the diversity course requirement. Completion of the requirement will be reflected on the degree audit. Additionally, all diversity designated courses are listed on this website. For courses for which you can register for the upcoming semester, go to WebAdvisor.

If you have questions regarding the diversity course requirement, contact the Records office or your advisor.

The Academic Senate adopted the Diversity Course Requirement in March 2004. Students, beginning with the Class of 2010, are required to “successfully complete one designated diversity course which includes substantial focus on issues in one of the following areas: global, justice, or domestic diversity awareness." This graduation requirement can be completed by taking a core, major, or an elective course that is designated as a diversity course. Transfer courses do not fulfill the requirement.

A description of each of the three areas of substantial focus – Global Awareness, Justice Awareness, and Domestic Diversity Awareness – is available in the current undergraduate catalogue.

Courses designated as diversity courses are listed in the course schedule available before registration and are listed below. These courses are designated with a “D” following the course number, e.g. WR100D. This listing will be updated as new courses are approved to fulfill the undergraduate Diversity Course Requirement.

View the Current Diversity Course Listing

For additional information about this listing, please contact the office of Academic Affairs and Diversity at ext. 2988.