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The Diversity Course Requirement

Courses that Satisfy the Diversity Requirement

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Decisions about which courses fulfill the diversity requirement are based on the degree to which course content focuses on global awareness, justice awareness, and/or domestic diversity awareness. These decisions are made by a subcommittee of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) with faculty representatives from each of the four curricular areas in the College and in an nonvoting advisory capacity, the ex officio student member of the UCC and the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Diversity.

What follows are procedures for making such determinations:

  1. The department through which the course is offered will submit the course syllabus and/or a narrative statement that highlights how the course meets the diversity requirement to the UCC subcommittee (UCCS). These materials should indicate that the course features a substantial focus on global, justice, and/or domestic diversity awareness, as defined above.
  • The focus on global, justice, and/or domestic diversity awareness should not be merely a small component of the course (e.g. two lectures), but should be present throughout more than one-half of the course.
  • This focus should be reflected in the course description, statement of learning aims or objectives, assignments, evaluation methods, readings, and weekly topics.
  • It is important to provide evidence that the course truly requires students to reflect on and demonstrate understanding of issues related to at least one of the three aspects of diversity described above.
  1. Members of the UCCS will evaluate the course materials and narrative statement to make a preliminary decision.
  • If, in the judgement of the UCCS, the course meets the criteria for counting as a diversity course, then this positive evaluation will be sent to the Department Chair (and other parties as necessary).
  • If a negative judgment is made, then an explanation and recommendation will be sent to the Department Chair (and other parties as necessary). Courses receiving a negative decision will be reconsidered if feedback from the UCCS in incorporated into the course design.