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To be eligible for support from Loyola's disability support services, students must first meet the academic standards set for admission into the University. Once admitted to Loyola, the student is responsible for disclosing his or her disability to the office of disability support services in order to receive services. Recent documentation of the disability is required for a student requesting services. This confidential information is maintained in the DSS office and not released without the student's signed consent.

To register with disability support services, please take these steps:

1.) Complete the online DSS registration

The link for new students who do not have a Loyola username and password is


The link for Loyola students who have a Loyola user name and password is


You can submit your documentation of the disability which meets Loyola's guidelines regarding the specific disability and upload it on the registration link above.

2. ) Submit Documentation

To register with DSS, you must have a documented disability. Evaluations must be current and Loyola generally requires documentation prepared within the past three years for conditions whose impact on education may change over time. The DSS office reserves the right to request an updated or more extensive evaluation. Guidelines for the written can be obtained online through the following links:

chronic illness

learning disability

attention deficit disorder

psychological disability

physical disability

This documentation is confidential and housed in the disability support services office. You can upload the when you complete the online registration form above, fax it to (410) 617-2080 or you can mail it to:

Disability Support Services
Loyola University Maryland
4501 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21210

3.) Set up a meeting with a DSS professional to review procedures for requesting accommodations

This should be done after you have received a letter or email  from DSS responding to your requests for accommodations. Please contact one of the following individuals:

Marcia Wiedefeld

Megan Henry
Assistant Director