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Build professional quality video tutorials for you students, or capture lectures and examples easily.


Video Recording Studio in Knott Hall

As of May 2016, the Office of Educational Technology is proud to present a new studio for faculty to use to record their own videos. While it may sound intimidating, we have built a simple workflow to enable users of all computer-skill levels to create professional-quality videos with just a few clicks of a button. No need to setup a camera or a mic. No noisey pets or children to distract you or the viewers. We have it all set up for you.

If you are interested, please email us at ots@loyola.edu to reserve the studio, or to just come in and check it out.

Record your Screen (Windows) Introduction (Mac)
Camtasia Editor Tour (Windows) Make a Great Recording: Prep (Mac)
Basic Video Editing (Windows) Make a Great Recording: Recording (Mac)
Audio Basics (Windows) Editing: Explore the Editor (Mac)
Produce and Share Your Video (Windows) Editing: What you need to know (Mac)
  Exporting (Mac)
Working with Callouts (Windows) Zooming and Panning (Mac)
Animate with Visual Properties (Windows) Cursors & Clicks (Mac)
How to Use Stitching (Windows) Annotations (Mac)
Crop your Clips (Windows) Transitions (Mac)
Clean Up Audio Mistakes (Windows) Creating Better Audio (Mac)
Intro to Quizzing (Windows) Captions (Mac)
Speech to Text (Windows)  
Sync with a Script (Windows)  
Add Captions Manually (Windows)  
Camtasia Studio Help Guide (Windows) Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac)
Camtasia Hotkeys (Windows) Recording Tips (Mac)
Pre-Recording Tips (Windows) All Camtasia for Mac Tutorials
All Camtasia Studio (Windows) Tutorials