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Latest Panopto Update

On Saturday, December 17, Panopto released an update that introduces in-video quizzing, computer-generated captions, and more. This update affected the back-end of Panopto, so your recording process will not change.  Here are some of the notable additions made to Panopto in their latest update:

  • Quizzing — Instructors can add multiple choice, multi-select, and true/false questions into any video using the Panopto editor. Viewers can take quizzes in the interactive player, and instructors can access real-time reports of all responses. This  new feature is off by default, but can be turned on in the editor by the creator.
  • Captions — Faculty can access Panopto’s machine-generated speech-to-text captions and modify them in the video editor. These captions can be added after the video has finished processing. If the video was created BEFORE December 17th, the video must be re-processed, and then captions can be successfully generated. In addition, users can customize the color, size, and position of captions during playback. Please head to our instructions on how to add machine-generated captions to your videos!

To find out more, please head to Panopto’s release notes, or reach out to our Panopto administrator, Jesse Goldstein (jgoldstein@loyola.edu).

For more updates, please head to our updates page

Panopto provides lecture capture and multimedia podcasts easily. Use these recorded sessions for student reference, asynchronous study aids, and in case of unscheduled campus closings. Capture your voice, computer screen, additional camera in the room, and Powerpoint or KeyNote presentations. Panopto’s robust analytics give detailed reports on student engagement and drop-off rates for every video in your library.

Panopto integrates seamlessly with Moodle. Once you Provision the Panopto Block in your Moodle course, you’re ready to create recorded sessions for your students and participants.

Every teacher workstation at Loyola has Panopto installed on it, and a microphone that capture audio. For detailed instructions on how to set-up and operate Panopto at the workstation: