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Moodle Archive Process

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On May 15, 2013 technology services will be removing previous semesters’ courses from Moodle. The semesters that will be removed are:

  • Spring 2012

Removing these courses will keep yours and your students’ course lists shorter and will help us to maintain performance quality with Moodle. After the scheduled date you will not have immediate access to your course materials from these archived courses; however, these data can be retrieved by system administrators. Please note this archive will be retained for three years at which point the data will be deleted permanently.

This initial removal of courses from the active Moodle environment will be an ongoing process. Housekeeping of the Moodle site is scheduled each semester as follows for the academic year:

  • Dec. 22 (Fall Semester)
  • May 15 (Spring Semester)
  • Sept. 1 (Summer Semester)

On the dates listed above, the previous year’s semester will be removed from Moodle and moved to our on-site archive. In other words, on Dec. 22, 2013, Fall 2011 courses will be archived. On May 15, 2013, Spring 2012 courses will be archived and on Sept. 1, courses from the summer will be archived.

At the time when a new semester’s courses are added to Moodle, we will be setting the previous semester to “Unavailable to students.” For example, when Fall 2013 courses are added to Moodle in July of 2013, Fall 2012 courses will be set to unavailable to students in to give students fewer courses on their course list.

If you teach in the Executive, Fellows or Emerging Leaders MBA programs, this schedule does not apply at this time. We are working on an alternative schedule to meet the needs of these programs.