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Panopto: Video & Audio Podcasts

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Video Capture

Panopto provides lecture capture and multimedia podcasts easily. Use these recorded sessions for student reference, asynchronous study aids, and in case of unscheduled campus closings.Capture your voice, computer screen, additional camera in the room, and Powerpoint or KeyNote presentations. Panopto's robust analytics give detailed reports on student engagement and drop-off rates for every video in your library. 

Panopto integrates seamlessly with Moodle. Once you Provision the Panopto Block in your Moodle course, you're ready to create recorded sessions for your students and participants. Use the tutorials below to get started. 

All Panopto-equipped Classrooms at Loyola 

Panopto was updated to version 4.9 in May 2015. This latest release offers vast improvements over earlier versions. Take a look at what’s new in this latest release:

HTML5 Video! Say goodbye to constantly updating Silverlight and Flash!  Simpler, faster ways to copy and share videos! 
A specification for universally describing video content!

FACULTY ALERT: If you have trouble accessing recordings from previous semesters, you should re-Configure the Panopto Block in your course. Here's how to do it:

  • Open your course in Moodle and Turn Editing on
  • Locate the Panopto Block and hit the Configuration icon (cog)
  • When the page refreshes, select "Add this course to Panopto"
  • Hit the back to config link, then Save Changes
  • You should have the correct permissions now to view and manage your Panopto recordings.
Faculty / Creator Resources Student / Viewer Resources

Need help with Panopto? Contact us at ots@loyola.edu or ext. 5555.

Create Audio Podcasts

You can use any of these tools to record live audio, convert audio files (.wav, .ait, .mp3, etc) as needed, create multi-track digital recordings, and edit your recorded audio files.

Record & Edit your Podcast like a Pro:

Adobe Audition (Mac, Windows) professional quality, easy, and free to everyone in the Loyola University Maryland Community. Audition is part of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Garage Band free and standard on Mac only. Create professional quality podcasts and audio recordings in a few simple steps.

Audacity, (Mac, Windows, Linux) free, easy audio editor and recorder that's available for download. In order to export MP3 files, you must also download and install the LAME plugin.

Other Resources

If you need help with Audacity, contact us at ots@loyola.edu or ext. 5555