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This Faculty Life

Monthly Conversations about Life in the Profession

Regular conversations about faculty life to build community and collective mentoring as colleagues adjust to life at Loyola, in the profession, and around the Baltimore region. For first-year faculty, these conversations also serve as a yearlong orientation and complement the individual pairing in the campus mentoring program.

Open to all faculty unless otherwise noted.

  Fall 2016

Sep 9

2-3 pm

CC 107



Mentoring Kick-Off: Setting Goals, Sharing Needs

(1st year TT faculty, mentors)

Meet-and-greet among mentor pairings, Library liaison, and research support. Followed by the First Faculty Assembly at 3 pm.

Mentor pairings assigned in advance—expect an email from Brian Norman.

Suggested prep: Read Boice, “Introduction: Why New Professors Need Timely Advice”

Sep 29

12:15 -
1:30 pm




Teaching at Loyola: From Surviving to Thriving

Seasoned faculty share tips and strategies on what works and what doesn’t, and perhaps what it means to teach at a place like Loyola.


Birgit Albrecht, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Stephanie Flores-Koulish, Associate Professor of Education-Curriculum & Instruction

Thomas McCreight, Associate Professor of Classics

Suggested prep: Read James Lang, On Course, “Week Six.”

Or, read Tim O'Brien's, S.J., piece for students on "7.5 Tips to Survive and Thrive at a (Jesuit) College."


Nov 18

3 - 4:30 pm

Cohn 133



The Tenure and Promotion Process: Myths and Facts

Panel of recent BRT members, Deans, and Academic Affairs leaders.

Moderator: Brian Norman, Associate VP for Faculty affairs and Diversity

Academic Administrators: Amy Wolfson, VPAA; Kathy Getz, Dean, SSBM; Josh Smith, Dean, SoE; Amanda Thomas, Dean, LCAS

Recent BRT members: Greg Derry, Professor of Physics

Suggested prep: Review Rank and Tenure Policy Statement (Faculty Handbook, Appendix B)

Dec 13

all day




Scholar-Teachers: Finding the Time and Space for Publishing Success 

Sign up for the Study Day Faculty Writing Retreat, a day of structured writing with faculty community and check-ins. 

 Spring 2017

Jan 20

2 - 3pm

CC 105


Reimagining the Undergraduate Curriculum

Conversation hosted by members of the ad hoc Senate Committee. Replaces the session on work-life balance.

More information: Contact Roger Eastman, committee chair, or visit the Reimagining website.

For those interested in the originally scheduled work-life topic here are some helpful resources:

  • Check out this brief essay on prioritizing before the semester gets busy (again), by Kerry Ann Rockquemore, a faculty development professional.
  • Check out this brief essay on taking a scholarly approach to work-life issues, by Elizabeth H. Simmons, a dean.
  • Sign up for a Faculty Writing Retreat this semester.

Feb 13

12:00 - 1:00 pm

CC 114


Dossier Building

Q&A with deans, chairs, mentors, and seasoned faculty on building dossiers as both ongoing professional practice and a document for the purposes of review.


Robert Helfenbein, Associate Dean, SoE / Associate Professor of Curriculum Studies

Cindy Moore, Associate Dean of Humanities, LCAS / Professor of Writing

Brian Norman, Associate VP for Faculty Affairs and Diversity / Professor of English

Marianne Ward-Peradoza, Associate Dean, SSBM / Associate Professor of Economics

Suggested prep: Consult the Tenure Dossier Library in Academic Affairs (JH120), Academic Portfolio books in the Faculty Development and Diversity library (BE311), and dossier guidelines in the Faculty Handbook.


March 23

12:15 - 1:30 pm

Sellinger VIP lounge


Grant-Seeking: Funding your Future

Tips and strategies, with Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and some successful grant-getters on faculty.

          Nancy Dufau, Director, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Melissa Girard, Assistant Professor of English

Megan Olsen, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Dave Rivers, Professor of Biology

light lunch available

Suggested prep: Consult opportunities through the ORSP.


April 21

(new date)

1-2 pm

Library Boardroom

Lunch provided


Life after Tenure: "Going Up" Stories from Newly Promoted Colleagues

Lunch with recently promoted colleagues on success beyond tenure, in the profession, and in life, especially in the context of strategies for mid-career advancement. Open to all faculty. Featuring remarks from:

Jean Lee Cole, English

Cheryl Moore-Thomas, Education Specialties

A joint session with the Finding the Path to Full mid-career advancement initiative.

Suggested mentor activityGoals for the summer and coming year.

Suggested reading: "Tenure and Diversity: An Interview with Patricia Matthew," LA Review of Books (Feb 8, 2017)