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Monthly Conversations about Life in the Profession

Regular conversations about faculty life to build community and collective mentoring as colleagues adjust to life at Loyola, in the profession, and around the Baltimore region. For first-year faculty, these conversations also serve as a yearlong orientation and complement the individual pairing in the campus mentoring program.

Open to all faculty unless otherwise noted.

Upcoming Events

Thriving at Loyola 

Sep 27

        Thriving at Loyola

Seasoned faculty share tips and strategies on what works and what doesn't, and perhaps what it means to thrive at a place like Loyola.

Wednesday, Sep 27, 12:30-1:30pm, College Center 105

Lunch will be provided. Open to all tenure track faculty.

Afra Hersi, Associate Professor and Chair of Teacher Education

Marianna Carlucci, Associate Professor of Psychology

This Faculty Life monthly conversations about life in the profession.

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