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Faculty Development and Diversity

Collegium: Colloquy on Faith and Intellectual Life

An annual week-long summer seminar for faculty at Catholic schools nationwide to reflect on the intersections of faith and intellectual life. The colloquies provide a collegial environment in which participants from diverse backgrounds, faiths, and disciplines can discuss the Catholic intellectual tradition, higher education, and their own place in it. More information on the Collegium national organization.

Loyola typically sponsors at least one faculty member each year, covering all arrangements. Applications are reviewed each year by a small committee of Collegium veterans, who make recommendations to the office of Academic Affairs.

2017 Collegium colloquy: "Pause at 25"-- June 21-24, St. Catherine's U., St. Paul, Minnesota

After 25 years, Collegium is asking itself “If Collegium were being founded from scratch today, what would we want to do?” They are calling it the “Pause at 25” and participating institutions are sending two past faculty participants and one academic administrator. For this special 25th anniversary colloquium, only past Collegium participants are eligible to apply for the two faculty slots.

The application includes a very brief narrative. Deadline: March 3 (extended), 2017. Submit to Academic Affairs.


Past Collegium Participants, through 2014 

Gerard Athaide
Carolyn Barry
Danielle Brabazon
Bill Donavan
Mickey Fenzel
Pastoral Counseling
Keith Gallagher
Computer Science
Dave Haddad
Mathematics / Academic Affairs
Mark Johnson
Raymond Jones
Management and International Business
Randy Jones
Beth Kotchick Psychology
Brian F. Linnane, S.J.

Theology/ President's Office

Ilona McGuiness
Janet Maher
Fine Arts
Jim Miracky, S.J.
English / Dean's Office
Brian Norman
English / Academic Affairs
Elizabeth Oakes
Pastoral Counseling
Janet Preis
Speech-language Pathology/Audiology
Dan Schlapbach
Fine Arts
Norm Sedgley
Wendy Smith
Teacher Education
Martha Wharton
Academic Affairs
Karsonya (Kaye) Wise Whitehead

Thoughts from past participants

"Collegium offered an expansive vision of the Catholic intellectual tradition and an inclusive approach to thinking about intersections of academic inquiry and spiritual life. I was challenged by the array of colleagues from various backgrounds, sensibilities, and faith commitments--including none--all of whom shared a fierce commitment to the life of the mind and educational ideals. I left more fluent in the intellectual tradition in which Loyola participates and a sharpened sense of institutional mission and identity--and the important difference between the two. I appreciated the opportunity to reflect among colleagues on my own role as a non-Catholic faculty member and academic leader at a Jesuit, Catholic institution."

- Brian Norman (English), 2015 Collegium participant

"Collegium was a great opportunity that allowed me to meet colleagues from all over the country and learn how they integrate faith and spirituality into the classroom. I know how important our Jesuit mission is as a University and learning how to better bring our mission alive in my teaching, scholarship, and service was especially enriching. I highly recommend this spiritual and professional development opportunity."

- Mark Johnson (Finance), 2013 Collegium participant (view a clip about Dr. Johnson's experience)

"My participation in "The Collegium: Colloquy on Faith and Intellectual Life" came at an important time, when I was pondering many inter-related questions. The retreat aspect of the weekend allowed me to explore these on a deep level, and, by chance, to discover a meditation center within walking distance of the grounds of Saint Johns College (Collegeville, Minnesota). This happenstance rejuvenated my meditation practice. The fascinating and collegial conversations with a lovely group of faculty from many other parts of the country likewise inspired me in my own teaching practice. A triple benefit (as an artist steeped in books and processes of all kinds in art making) was seeing the in-progress work and exhibition of the Saint John's Bible project, produced where we were! This was the first illuminated manuscript version of the bible created in 500 years--contemporary work using all the traditional methods, with all the collaboration and painstaking technique aspects to which I am so attracted in art, thus also inspiring my own art practice."

- Janet Maher (Fine Arts), 2009 Collegium participant

"In 2004 I attended Collegium, which was foundational in my faculty development at Loyola. The experience not only deepened my understanding of Catholic Intellectual Thought, but provided me with an opportunity to discern how I could contribute to Loyola’s mission in a variety of ways from creating new interdisciplinary courses to seeking out service opportunities to pursuing a new line of scholarship on the psychology of religion and spirituality."

 - Carolyn Barry (Psychology), 2004 Collegium participant

“I found Collegium to be an experience that was very rewarding on both the personal and professional levels. It allowed me to reflect upon, amidst the company of fellow Catholic educators, the foundations and future of the Church’s intellectual tradition and educational mission, and the vital role that Jesuit institutions, with their holistic pedagogies, play in advancing such mission.”

- Brian F. Linnane, S.J. (Theology), President of Loyola University Maryland, 1997 Collegium Participant