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VPAA Teaching and Learning Ingenuity Challenge Funds

The VPAA Ingenuity Challenge Funds promote creative teaching, learning, and course work, and collegial exchange among Loyola faculty. Each year the Ingenuity funds will have a theme. The inaugural focus in 2016-17 is interdisciplinary teaching and learning, responding in part to the desire for more cross-disciplinary opportunities in the COACHE faculty survey. The funds support small groups of faculty from different departments, schools, and disciplines to explore and create new ideas for courses or series of courses, update and expand existing courses, or undertake special projects that will promote pedagogical growth and/or curricular enhancement among the faculty at Loyola.

Funding Possibilities

Open to all returning full-time faculty. Two funding rounds with due dates of Nov 1 and Apr 1. Three types of proposals welcome: Faculty Development-Curriculum, Faculty Development—Inquiry Groups, Travel—Teaching Conferences and Institutes. Submission forms below.

Applications reviewed by the Faculty Development Advisory Council, which makes recommendations to the VPAA. Notification ordinarily within one month. Questions: Brian Norman, Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Diversity.

* Faculty Development—Curricular

Faculty members are invited to apply for funding up to $3,000 (no more than $1,000/faculty member) to support creative, interdisciplinary efforts to improve teaching and student learning. Faculty members are encouraged to apply in small groups. This funding is aimed at developing or enhancing courses, piloting new program ideas, and/or related aspects of teaching and curricular development. Expenses that can be covered by this fund include supplies (limited funding for books), equipment (not computers), programming, research assistance, outside or internal teaching/course planning consultation, and other costs associated with creating learning materials, adapting and implementing new teaching concepts, integrating research and teaching, and/or related aspects of faculty development for curricular improvement. Any requested funds for faculty stipends may only be applied in the summer. 

* Faculty Development—Inquiry Communities

Faculty members are invited to apply for small funds of up to $3,000 (no more than $1000/faculty member) to support the formation of a faculty inquiry group or opportunity for Loyola colleagues to explore a particular teaching topic or pedagogical approach. Proposals must come from faculty representing at least two different disciplines. The funding is aimed at developing reading groups, workshops for Loyola colleagues, or other inquiry communities seeking to bring creative pedagogical developments to the Loyola faculty. Any requested funds for faculty stipends may only be applied in the summer.

* Travel—Teaching Institutes and Conferences

Faculty members may request support to attend a teaching conference/institute or to enroll in a course/workshop that focuses on teaching that will enhance interdisciplinary teaching and curricular development. The overall conference, workshop, or institute must be focused primarily on teaching. Expenses may be reimbursed up to $1,000 (per faculty member) for registration and eligible travel expenses. Individual faculty members are eligible but priority is given to applications from pairs or small groups representing multiple disciplines.

Some good examples:

Recent Awards

Fall 2016
Interprofessional Training
for Total Population Health
MaryJo Coiro, Psychology
Janet Preis, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Becky Zukowski, Loyola Clinical Centers
 Fall 2016
Faculty Inquiry Group
Billy Freibele, Fine Arts/Studio Arts
Jon Malis, Fine Arts/Photography
Roger Eastman, Computer Science

Submit a proposal

Two funding round due dates: Nov 1 & April 1

2016-17 theme: Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning

Eligibility: Returning full-time faculty

Evaluation criteria: (1) quality of opportunity, (2) potential impact on interdisciplinary teaching and learning at Loyola, and (3) cross-disciplinary scope of participants.

Proposer 1
Proposer 2
Additional Proposer(s)
Briefly describe your plan and purpose, up to 500 words
Briefly detail amount requested and justification, up to 200 words
Briefly describe your likely outcome, up to 200 words
Briefly describe your partnership across disciplines, up to 200 words
Note: All awarded funds must be expended within one fiscal year (June 1 - May 31); unspent funds will be forfeited.