Loyola University Maryland

Office of the Dean of First-Year Students and Academic Services

10/28/10 - "Choosing the Life"

The Alpha classes met again on October 28, 2010 for another Jesuit Dinner. The theme of this dinner was "Choosing the Life of the Mind." Professor Bryan Crockett, of the English Department, and one of his former Alpha students, Matt Payne, began the presentation with a short performance of a scene they adapted from the novel Underworld by Don DeLillo. The play was about a troubled young man (Matt) and the stern Jesuit priest (Dr. Crockett) who helps him choose academics over ignorance. After the scene, three other Alpha professors - Dr. Ethan Duckworth of the Mathmatics Department, Dr. Elissa Derrickson of the Biology Department, and Dr. Mark Osteen of the English Department - spoke about what made them choose their particular academic area of study. A brief Q&A session followed, with the professors giving both enlightening and humorous responses.