Loyola University Maryland

Office of the Dean of First-Year Students and Academic Services

11/3/10 - "Building Bridges"

Our most well-attended Jesuit Dinner of the year thus far was the "Engineering, Technology, and Modern Political Society: Building Bridges" dinner, held on November 3, 2010. This dinner combined ideas about how engineering and politics are a finely interwoven pair. Presented by Dr. Suzanne Keilson of the Engineering Department and Dr. Doug Harris of the Political Science Department, the discussion was jump-started by a PowerPoint slide show presented by Dr. Keilson about great bridges built through the years. Dr. Harris concluded the evening by tying everything together and detailing how so many of our problems and solutions are interdisciplinary in nature (engineering and political science, math and music, etc.). His closing remarks are reprinted below the slide show with his permission.