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First-Year Program Participation

First-Year Program Registration

First-Year Programs and Student Housing

First-Year Program Participation

Do I have to enroll in a First-Year Program?

Yes. All members of the Class of 2018 will enroll in either Messina or Loyola 101 during their first year at Loyola. Approximately two-thirds of the class will enroll in a Messina Course Pairing and the remainder will enroll in Loyola 101.

Is my first choice of program or course pairing guaranteed after registering?

Students who registered for Messina or Loyola by the priority deadline, June 2, 2014, received their first choice of programs. Based on demand, Messina is now operating of a wait list and spots will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis for all people who registered after June 2nd.  Seats in Loyola 101 remain open.  

How will Messina and Loyola 101 courses affect my course load?

Messina is a full-year program in which students take one Messina course in the fall and one Messina course in the spring. You will typically take four, non-Messina courses each semester. In addition, Messina students will participate in a 1-hour "Enrichment Session" with the Messina course faculty member, a Messina Mentor (a campus administrator) and your Evergreen (student orientation leader). Though this is extra time spent in class, the time will sometimes be devoted to off-campus class trips, discussions about first-year transition issues and other topics as they surface. Topics discussed in the enrichment sessions will be referenced throughout the course, and therefore, participation is required.

Loyola 101 is a one-credit course that students take during the fall semester in addition to your typical five-course load (and any associated labs). The course grade does not factor into your overall GPA, but your satisfactory (or unsatisfactory) completion of the course will be noted on your grade report. The class meets 75 minutes each week during the fall semester and occasionally, trips or dinners will be planned for nights and weekends.

Will the same Messina students be in ALL of my fall semester classes?

No. Students will travel together as a class only to Messina seminar courses and Enrichment Hours (1 course during fall semester and 1 course during spring semester). 

How and when will I be notified about my status on the Messina wait list?

Students will be notified regarding First-Year Program changes via their Loyola email account. Students will move off of the Messina wait list based on course availability. The Messina office will work to process most Messina wait list requests after AP scores are reported to the University towards the end of July. For updates on their wait list status, students should check their Loyola email account regularly throughout the month of August.

Any changes to course placements will not alter housing assignments (which will be sent to student's e-mail accounts in early August).

First-Year Program Registration

I can’t log in to register for Messina/my username and/or password is not working... What do I do in order to register?

Students receive an email from Loyola's Office of Technology Services after submitting an enrollment deposit. The email, which contains login information to access the InsideLoyola site and First-Year Program registration, will be sent to the email address Loyola has on file. However, it is possible that the email slipped into a spam folder, so it's best to check multiple email folders when searching the the message. If you are still unable to find the email or access the account, please contact the Student Technology Center Help Desk. You may reach the Help Desk by calling 410-617-5555, Monday-Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Mention that you are an incoming first-year student and that you are trying to log in to InsideLoyola to register for Messina/Loyola 101 but do not have the username/password information to do so.

When your username/password is confirmed, please visit the First-Year Programs website: http://www.loyola.edu/fyp and select the "Register" tab in order to continue into the InsideLoyola registration site. Contact the Messina Office at 410-617-2669 or messina@loyola.edu for more information.

Which Messina course pairings should I choose given my intended major/interest?

Most Messina courses fulfill Core requirements, so choose classes that interest you! You are welcome to preference a course based on your intended major, core requirements (find out more about Core Curriculum Requirements) or an interest in a particular topic. Either way, Messina courses will help towards fulfilling graduation requirements. Next to the course title, look for the "C" for Core or "D" for Diversity indicating the requirement the course fulfills. 

How and when do I register for my non-Messina courses?

Incoming first-year students will register for non-Messina courses when they meet with an Advisor at an assigned time during Summer Orientation.

I am already in the Honors Program, do I still need to register for Messina?

If you are already enrolled in the Loyola Honors Program, you do not need to register separately for Messina. Messina offers course pairings designed by Honors faculty members to fulfill the first-year Honors Human Drama sequence requirements. You will automatically be enrolled in one of these Messina/Honors course sections.

What happens if I want to change something on my First-Year Program preference form? Am I allowed to re-submit it?

Please call the first-year programs office at 410-617-2669 or email messina@loyola.edu to change your first-year program preference or talk to us during summer orientation.  

What happens if I find out that I received Advanced Placement credit for one of the Messina classes I am registered for?

Loyola will contact you once the official Advanced Placement scores have been reported to switch your Messina course pairing if you have received credit for one or both classes in the pairing you are registered to take. We will do our best to provide an option for one of other course pairing preferences. Students who received credit for scores on the Advanced Placement Literature test are eligible to enroll in the Political Science/English course pairing since the English counts for the second English core requirement.

First-Year Programs and Student Housing

Where do Messina and Loyola 101 students live?

Students enrolled in Messina will live in traditional-style buildings (Flannery O'Connor, Hammerman, Butler and Hopkins Court) and students enrolled in Loyola 101 will mostly live in Campion Tower and Lange Court. Students do not select the actual building they live in. For more information about housing options, visit the office of student life web page.

If I want to participate in Messina, can I live with a student who wants to participate in Loyola 101 (or vice-versa)?

Typically, no. Students who identify a roommate before registering for a first-year program should preference the same program.  Furthermore, students should preference Messina course pairings taught within the same Messina theme. We will take mutual roommate requests into account when assigning Messina course pairings. Students will be asked one final time during summer orientation to confirm that their roommate request is mutual.

Can I request a roommate if I am in the Honors Program?

Yes, Honors students should email messina@loyola.edu and provide the name of their intended roommate. Your intended roommate should preference Messina and list that they want to live with you when they submit their first-year program preferences.