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Self and Other Course Pairing

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The Self in Context: Introductory Psychology (PY101.03S)

Psychology is the scientific study of human thought and behavior. Thus, understanding of psychology promotes the understanding of the self and others, and the self in relation to others. This course surveys the multifaceted aspects of both the science and practice of psychology. Biological, cognitive, and social bases of behavior and mental processes are explored.

Faculty biography

Dr. Grover obtained her degree in Clinical/Developmental Psychology at the University of Maine, Orono, in 2002. She came to Loyola in 2005 and has taught Introductory Psychology, Child Development, and Research Methods in Psychology in the undergraduate program. She also supervises the clinical training of second year Psychology doctoral students in the administration and interpretation of psychoeducational assessments. She is engaged in research on social skills, romantic relationships, and anxiety. She lives in Towson, MD, with her husband, daughter, and two guinea pigs.

Global Environment (CH114D.01S)

This course, for students of all backgrounds, investigates the role of the self and others in the global environment.  Students explore and learn in this course how the Earth system operates and the major environmental issues of the Anthropocene including climate change, biodiversity loss, water resources, and pollution.  Students will explore environmental change and how it relates to environmental justice both in the course and through self-guided learning.  Students guide their learning by choosing an environmental change issue; exploring their issue through reading, viewing and experiencing; and relating their exploration to the concept of justice through a series of short essays and projects.

Faculty Biography

Elizabeth Dahl is an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry.  Her research focuses on the sources of alkyl nitrates in the oceans and the impact on tropospheric chemistry which involves working both on ships and in the laboratory.  She has a PhD in Earth System Science from University of California, Irvine and has mentored over a dozen undergraduate research students during her time at Loyola.  When she is not working she enjoys spending time on kitchen chemistry with her future scientists.

Mentor Biography

Amy Filardo is the director of web communications at Loyola.  She has been with the university since 2006 and has been involved in many exciting projects including the major overhaul of the www.loyola.edu website as Loyola changed from college to university.  Amy has worked with the Women’s Leadership conference as well as participated in several projects to get students engaged in marketing initiatives for the university.  Amy received her BS from Towson University and her MA in Communications from London Metropolitan University.