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Introduction to Statistics: Stories Data Tell (ST110.01T)

Consumers are continuously inundated with statistical information, from which car to purchase, which candidate one should vote for, and whether or not a new cancer treatment is effective.   To understand the story the data is telling, a sound background in statistics is necessary.  This course will introduce students to the application of statistics in diverse fields.  We will extract the story from data using graphical and numerical methods, cross tabulations of categorical variables, and use the computer to efficiently perform computations and construct graphs. Statistical methods are motivated through real data sets. Topics include measures of central tendencies and dispersion, chi-squared tests, regression, normal distributions, and sampling. 

Faculty Biography

Dr. Morrell has a Ph.D. in statistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He had been a faculty member at Loyola almost 30 years.  In addition to teaching undergraduate statistics, Dr. Morrell works with researchers at the National Institute on Aging to study how various characteristics of people change as they age. Dr. Morrell has been an advisor of first year students for many years.

Introduction to Journalism: Storytelling Across Media (CM205.01T)

This course is designed to provide a general overview of the journalism world, from print, to broadcast, and online. Students will learn about the history of journalism, how past and current journalists tell compelling and informative stories across mediums, and the technological and ethical challenges they face on a daily basis. Students will leave with a better understanding of what the field of journalism is about and the opportunities available in this field.

Faculty Biography

Dr. Sara Magee is an Assistant Professor in Communications who teaches undergraduate classes in broadcast and multi-media journalism, as well as studio production, media ethics, and graduate courses in emerging media. Her research interests include perception of news and entertainment, national and international news organization operations, emerging media, and popular culture.

Mentor Biography