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Library Resources

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The following library activities are available to Messina and Loyola 101 classes. Contact Joanne Helouvry, the Head of Research & Instruction Services, to schedule: 410-617-6834, jhelouvry@loyola.edu

Amazing Library Race (45 minutes)

In this fast-paced orientation to the library and its services, student teams race to complete three rounds of questions using the library website. Each team receives the first round of questions at the same time, then competes to correctly answer the questions in order to move on to the next round before the others. The first team to complete all three rounds wins. This activity can serve as a fun and challenging way to introduce students to the library.

Mobile Scavenger Hunt (45 minutes)

This hands-on game provides your group with a fun and interactive way to explore the library and get oriented to its many spaces and resources through smartphone technology. Students will break in small groups and be given 25 minutes to race through the library and collect the “clues” by taking photos on their mobile phones. Meet the staff, explore the collection, and learn all about the many services available in the library.

Book Display Project (3 hours)

This is an opportunity for your section to get creative and collaborate on a library book display based on your theme. Each student in the group will use the library catalog to pick a book that they feel best represents the theme. They will then write a short paragraph that will be displayed with the book. The group can create accompanying signs and to make the display eye-catching and informative. Librarians will work with the group to help mount the book display in the library.

Tour of the Library (30 minutes)

Get to know the library in person. All freshman attend a library session in their Effective Writing class in which they learn about online library resources, but rarely are they introduced to the physical library. This tour is a unique opportunity to help students discover the many ways they can use the physical library during their academic tenure. Students will explore all four floors, learn what materials are available and how to find them, and get the opportunity to find a favorite space in which to quietly study or work on a group project. This is also a chance to see lesser known locations in the library such as the Archives and the Digital Media Lab.

Introduction to the St. John's Bible (30 minutes)

The St. John's Bible, the first hand-illuminated Bible to be produced in 500 years, is a work of art and a work of theology. It is meant to be “experienced,” so students are able to handle the books, turn the pages, and touch the illustrations. The illuminations are deliberately left open to individual interpretation.

Schedule a session where students can examine the Bible firsthand and engage in a valuable discussion, integrating Messina themes with inspirations found in the Bible. These sessions can be led by the professor or a docent trained library staff member. 

Movie Night (2-3 hours)

Reserve the library’s screening room to show a movie with your group on the “big screen.” Consider asking a librarian to join you for a film discussion afterwards. The library staff would be happy to help you find films that might relate to your group’s themes.

Archives/Special Collections Sessions (2 hours)

Archives and Special Collections offers a two part instruction session in primary source research. The first will acquaint students with the Loyola University Archives through an exercise involving any number of interest-provoking subjects: Know Your Campus might be one – an exercise in locating and interpreting photos and text about the evolving built environment on campus since 1921. Professor Breihan assigned this topic to his students a few years ago and created a website from the materials his students located in the Archives. The second session will focus on using the library’s database, ArchiveGrid which contains collection entries from archives and manuscript repositories throughout the world.

Library Spaces

The following spaces are available to reserve. Contact Campus Events Services to book these rooms.

  • Screening Room: Seats 24 in comfy chairs with desk arms. Has laptop projection capability, as well as DVD and VHS. No food is allowed in the screening room.
  • Auditorium: Seats 100 with projection capability for laptop, DVD, VHS. Refreshments allowed in the back of the room.